Executive Chef

Job Summary:

Manage daily operations. Including mentoring and coaching, expediting, ordering, inventory, butchering, organizing and maintaining a clean, sanitary and tidy kitchen.


·         Check Main Items for Dinner Service and make sure they are ready for use

·         If something is missing, take care of problem immediately

·         Supervise and assist staff as they prep for dinner shift

·         Monitor the cleanliness of each station, make sure that they maintain their work areas

·         Must make sure the kitchen stays open until all tables have food including dessert

·         Maintain and encourage respect between kitchen and front of the house

·         Coordinate with FOH manager to communicate 86’s, specials and end of the night checkout

·         Must inspect every plate for proper seasoning, temperature and neatness before it leaves the kitchen

·         You must manage your time as well as manage their time.

·         Must organize time and manage breaks for hourly staff.

·         Must make sure that all staff adheres to the guidelines of their perspective jobs.

·         LEAD BY EXAMPLE!! You will be held too much higher standards then those of the hourly staff.

·         Must always be punctual

·         Must be properly groomed according to handbook standards

·         Must be in complete uniform when starting shift

·         Must maintain a clean uniform.

·         Must have a good attitude and act professionally at all times

·         Must respond immediately when asked to do something by EC

·         Help clean, consolidate and organize all coolers and freezers as directed by EC

·         Must bring own knives and tools

·         Must keep knife sharp at all times

·         Training and management of kitchen personnel

·         Supervision and coordination of all related culinary activities

Required Skills/Abilities:

·         Strong knowledge of kitchen operations, inventory/cost control, product consistency

·         Experience in menu and recipe development with an appreciation for local ingredients

·         Basic knowledge of accounting principles and P&L accountability

·         Excellent organizational skills for dealing with diverse duties, staff, vendors and guests

·         Strong leadership and staff development skills

·         Excellent communication skills with both staff and management which includes strong conflict resolution skills

·         Ability to follow and give direction and respond with appropriate actions in a timely manner

·         Self motivated, customer service and detail orientated

·         Ability to multitask with a calm sense of purpose

·         Punctual and reliable

Education and Experience:

•     Minimum two years as a chef or an executive chef

Physical Requirements:

·         Prolonged periods of sitting at a desk and working on a computer.

·         Must be able to lift up to 15 pounds at times.

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