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Founded by André Balazs in 1998, The Standard's irreverent and playful sensibility, combined with a careful consideration of design, detail and service, have established its reputation as a pioneer of hospitality, travel, dining, nightlife, and beyond. Located in Los Angeles, New York, and Miami, The Standard hotels are known for their taste-making clientele, their pioneering design, and their unrelenting un-Standard-ness. From prodigious opulence at The Top of The Standard to rock 'n roll chic in Hollywood, you never quite know what to expect, save for a beautiful setting, a fresh twist on Modernist design, and a smashing good time.

Open Positions by Location

Open Positions @ The Standard HQ

  • New York, NY

    @ The Standard HQ

    Content Director, Asia

    Job Description: We are looking for a qualified and passionate Content Director to bring The Standard hotels’ story to the Asian market and be a part of marketing team...

Open Positions @ Hollywood

    There are no open positions here at this time.

Open Positions @ Maldives

    There are no open positions here at this time.

Open Positions @ Downtown LA

    There are no open positions here at this time.

Open Positions @ High Line, NYC

  • New York

    @ High Line, NYC


    MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission is to provide creatively inspired hospitality that successfully achieves the best in hotel service but also delivers unforgettable expe...

Open Positions @ East Village, NYC

  • New York

    @ East Village, NYC

    Manager, Human Resources

    The Standard, East Village is looking for a hospitality-focused Human Resources Manager to join our amazing crew! Do you like wearing jeans to the office? How about 4 wee...

Open Positions @ London

  • London

    @ London

    Marketing and Culture Coordinator

    At the heart of our hotels are, of course, the people who through their vibrancy bring our properties to life. We are now seeking an experienced and dynamic individual th...

  • London

    @ London

    Director of Engineering

    Opening in July 2019, The Standard, London has boldly propelled The Standard brand onto the international stage. Situated on Euston Road across from the gothic grandeur o...

Open Positions @ Miami Beach

    There are no open positions here at this time.