Our Mission

Our mission is to provide creatively inspired and engaging hospitality that goes beyond the basics. We deliver the best services and experiences, while creating a comfortable, dynamic, and expressive space for all our hotel guests and surrounding communities.

We bring all this to life by embracing and empowering a diverse and dynamic collective of team members, collaborators and guests that find a home at The Standard.

Our Core Values


The Standard defies convention. We do everything with an irreverent and playful sensibility, combined with a careful consideration of design, detail and service, to continue to grow as a pioneer of hospitality, travel, dining, nightlife, and beyond. The Standard is anything but.


The Standard logo is upside down for a reason. We have the confidence to take risks and turn everything on its head, to explore and expand new perspectives, ideas, and creativity, with respect to the context of our communities and team.


The Standard is constantly evolving, our spaces in constant motion, both physically and mentally. We change with the times, and often are ahead of them, while always remaining The Standard.

Our Staff

Standard employees embody our core values from within, in a way that’s natural and easy, making the guest experience and the work environment the best in the industry.

Family Portraits

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