New York - High Line, NYC Assistant Director of Food and Beverage

      The Assistant Director of Food and Beverage is
      responsible for assisting the F&B Director in managing the direction and
      organization of all activities and services of the food and beverage outlets
      with emphasis on delivering outstanding guest service, employee productivity,
      and financial profitability. The assistant director oversees all aspects of
      guest service, food and beverage quality, inventory management, outlet
      reservations and occupancy, systems maintenance, department management,
      monitoring and developing team member performance including providing
      supervision, coaching, recognition, reward, discipline, and conflict
      resolution. In addition, the assistant director also helps to ensure compliance
      with health, safety, sanitation and alcohol awareness standards and responsible
      for recruiting, interviewing and training team members.

      Reports To:

      Direct: Director of Food & Beverage


      All Beverage,
      In-Room Dining, Stewarding, Living Room & Plaza Management, F&B
      Reservations, Minibar, Biergarten


      Job Functions and Responsibilities:

      • Manages the employees and activities of the
        delegated departments

      • Ensures cleanliness, excellent service, and guest

      • Work closely with management team to collaborate and
        achieve common goals

      • Overall coordination of day to day department
        operations, to achieve budgeted goals for the venues.

      • Monitoring and reviewing information from supplies,
        events, or the environment, to detect or assess problems

      • Recruiting, training, developing staff

      • Providing guidance and direction to employees
        including setting performance standards and monitoring performance

      • Maintains a positive and upbeat demeanor and be a
        leader to inspire and motivate staff at all times

      • Review work procedures and operational problems to
        determine ways to improve service, performance, or safety

      • Establish standards for personnel performance and
        customer service

      • Investigate and resolve complaints regarding food
        quality, service, or accommodations

      • Monitor compliance with health and fire regulations
        regarding food preparation, serving, and building maintenance in lodging and
        dining facilities

      • Maintain assigned inventories, and keep inventory

      • Order and purchase equipment and supplies as anticipated

      • Organize and direct worker training programs,
        resolve personnel problems, hire new staff, and evaluate employee performance
        in dining and lodging facilities

      • Arrange for equipment maintenance and repairs, and
        coordinate a variety of services such as waste removal and pest control

      • Monitor budgets and payroll records and review
        financial transactions to ensure that expenditures are authorized and budgeted

      • Keep records required by government agencies
        regarding sanitation, and food subsidies when appropriate

      • Record the number, type, and cost of items sold to
        determine which items may be unpopular or less profitable

      • Works closely with the Executive Chef planning menus
        and food utilization based on anticipated number of guests, nutritional value,
        palatability, popularity, and costs

      • Review menu and analyze recipes to determine labor
        and overhead costs and assign prices to menu items

      • Estimate food, liquor, wine, and other beverage
        consumption to anticipate amounts to be purchased or requisitioned

      • Establish and enforce nutritional standards for
        dining establishments based on accepted industry standards

      • Monitor employee activities to ensure liquor
        regulations are obeyed

      • Completes a quarterly written review of the food and
        beverage operation which includes suggestions for increasing revenue and cost

      • Establishes and maintains annual revenue and cost
        projections which are to be reviewed and revised on a quarterly basis

      • Possesses the ability to communicate with all levels
        of personnel and guests. At all times maintains a professional relationship
        with all personnel and guests while protecting the interests of the company.

      • Develops and maintains effective communications
        between all operating departments including the hotel.

      • Monitors all purchases of materials and supplies.

      • Seeks alternative forms of advertising and promotion
        including but not limited to electronic marketing and communication (website,
        email, Facebook, Twitter).

      • Assists in quality control of food and beverage by
        monitoring and soliciting guest feedback, and communicating this to CDC and
        Director of F&B.

      • Creates in-house personnel promo to encourage
        employees to be patrons of the company.

      • Creates and implements unique events to drive
        revenue every month.

      • Ability to manage change effectively.

      • Proves leadership that helps the department achieve
        its overall performance and profit goals.

      • Provides support to other departments to help them
        achieve their goals and objectives.

      • Communicates the goals and objectives of the company
        and inspires/empowers employees to achieve those goals.

      • Assists Director of F&B in implementing
        departmental goals.

      • Performs other job related duties as required by the
        Director of F&B.

      • Ensures that the vision and mission of the company
        are supported by his/her actions.




      • Understanding:
        Ability to read, comprehend and carry out instructions according to established

      • Comprehension:
        Fluent in the English language

      • Organizational
        Skills: Work efficiently, utilize multi-tasking, and prioritize tasks

      • Hygiene and
        Sanitation: Adherence to uniform, grooming and personal hygiene standards and
        expectations per Standard of Operating Procedures

      • Punctuality:
        Adherence to posted schedule and arrival time and attendance at mandatory
        meetings Responsibility: Personal comportment in line with Standard, New York
        policies, standards, and expectations

      • Strong
        communication, organization, and management skills

      • Ability to be
        initiative and work independently

      • Ability to
        adhere to high levels of confidentiality

      • Have an
        outgoing, upbeat personality and positive attitude

      • Handle
        working in a high energy and fast paced environment

      • Guest-service

      • Have the
        sincere desire to serve guests


      • Multi-lingual

      • Previous
        experience working in restaurant management

      • Knowledge of


      High Line Employer, LLC (the "Company") is an Equal Opportunity
      Employer. All employment decisions are to be made without regard to race,
      color, age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression,
      pregnancy, religion, creed, marital status, transgender status partnership
      status, familial status, national origin/ancestry, alienage or citizenship
      status, unemployment status, mental or physical disability or medical
      condition, handicap, military status, veteran's status, genetic information,
      status as a victim of domestic violence, status as a victim of sex offenses or
      stalking, employment status, or any other status protected by federal, state,
      or local law.


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