Shift Technician

Job Purpose: The Shift Technician is responsible for inspect and test equipment, analyzes plans for construction and design, writes up daily lab reports, and carries out any other necessary tasks delegated by the supervising engineer, provides support to an engineer, and may work in the fields of mechanical, industrial, civil, electrical, aerospace, computer, or environmental engineering.

Basic Function:

To ensure that ongoing day-to-day maintenance as well as preventative maintenance is carried out on all electrical equipment and ensure that their efficient performance and reliability are in accordance with engineering procedures

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Create solutions to complex technical problems in a variety of industries.
• Assist engineers and scientists as they create, modify, and test products and processes.
• Perform extensive research and development during creation phase of product.
• Inspect products and processes for flaws and identify areas of improvement.
• Conduct tests and collect data.
• Assist in product ensign, development, and production.
• Build and set up equipment.
• Prepare and conduct experiments.
• Calculate or record results during experiments.
• Create prototypes of equipment.
• Utilize computer-aided design and drafting equipment during design phase.
• Operate and maintain equipment used to test aircraft and spacecraft.
• Calibrate test equipment.
• Program and run computer simulations to test designs virtually.
• Plan and oversee the construction of highways, buildings, bridges, dams, wastewater treatment systems, and other structures
• Estimate construction costs and specify materials to be used.
• Perform land surveying. • Monitor traffic conditions.
• Design, develop, test, and manufacture electrical and electronic equipment such as communication equipment, medical monitoring devices, navigational equipment, and computers.
• Design, develop, test, and manufacture electronic and computer-controlled mechanical systems. • Develop methods used in the prevention, control, or remediation of environmental hazards. Apply Now
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