Front Desk Supervisor

Do you have what it takes to be a Front Desk Supervisor at The Standard Hua Hin?

Job Purpose:

The Front Desk Supervisor oversees all aspect is responsible to provide services and information to guests that are most accurate and up to date possible and are delivered to the guests in the most meaningful way. Maintain a very good reputation for the Hotel and assist to increase the overall profitability of the Hotel.

We embody diversity and individuality, seeking a Front Desk Supervisor who reflects our 'Anything but Standard'.

Skills needed

1. Manage day-to-day operations and assignments of the front office staff.

2.To have friendly attitude, smile & extra care of the guest is an example to follow for all staff.

3.To ensure all team member performs according to the instruction of Brand standards, ensure that will be established and reached successfully and permanently.

4.To ensure that all Financial and Audit Procedures are respected

5.To control one by one the cashier reports of each front desk agent on duty during the shift at the end of the shift

6.To control the inventory for the operation, arrange the store requisition on weekly basis

7.To communicate full information & updates to all the Front Office staff

8. To coach and train his/her team during the operation.

9.To responsible for the monthly schedule of the Front Desk section



-    Competitive salary packages 

-    2 days off per week

-    Housing & Telephone Allowance       

-    Birthday leave

-    Provident Fund       

-    Health & Group Life Insurance

-    Annual Physical Checkup

-    Training Development Program

-    Staff Discount Rate in STANDARD HOTELS worldwide

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