Safety Officer

As a Safety Officer – you’ll be responsible to keep our hotel running smoothly is vital to our guest's experience – as Maintenance Representative you’ll keep everything looking sharp and running like clockwork. From simple repairs to forward-thinking for the next day. With naturally high standards to support our own, you’ll approach every task with devotion and pride.

Duty & Responsibility

 ·         Provide consultation of legal requirements and its relevant activities on safety, occupational and environmental health agenda.

·         Inspect and give recommendations to the employer to comply with the law on occupational health & safety matters.

·         Analyze the work to indicate possible risks, including setting and presenting preventive measures and procedures for working safely to the employer.

·         Assess the risks in the area of occupational health & safety.

·         Analyze work plans and projects as well as providing recommendations of every working unit, advising on safety measures to the employer.

·         Work and coordinate closely with Engineering and Security team regarding hotel’s preventive maintenance program.

·         Inspect and assess the operation of the workplace in order to comply with the work plan and project, or occupational safety measures.

·         Advise and train the employees on following health & safety-related rules & regulations, and guidance as prescribed.

·         Establish and manage safety committee in the workplace; conduct and follow-up on all safety meetings, present to the management, and report any authorities required.

·         Own the requirement of safety training for each job band and work functions. This includes tabletop training, etc.

·         Perform risk assessments, report results on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis, as well as follow-up on the progress of safety issues to activate safety awareness and its functions across the property.

·         Examine and appraise the working conditions, or to work jointly with a person or an organization registered with the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare for certification, or to examine evidence, documents, and report of the inspection of working conditions in the workplace.

·         Give recommendations to the employer on the appropriate management of occupational safety in the workplace and develop it for ongoing efficiency.

·         Analyze and investigate the causes of accidents, illness or annoyance resulting from working of the employees, and make a report of the investigation, together with suggesting resolution, promptly to the employer.

·         Compile statistical data, analyze, make a report and give recommendations on accidents, illness or annoyance caused by the working of the employees.

·         Conduct other occupational safety activities as assigned by the employer.

·         Ensure our guests safety and take appropriate measures in accordance with the crisis management procedures and local legal regulations.

·         Ensure incident prevention in the hotel at all times to ensure safe operations while our guests feel safe and comfortable with hotel safety procedures.

·         Coordinate with security team to maintain a 24 hours surveillance of entire hotel areas where are frequented by guests and all work areas.

·         Cooperate with operation teams for guest experience improvement and attend to required meetings.

·         Assist the guest if there is any incident that needs a report to be presented to the local authority.

·         Create a positive hotel image in every interaction with internal and external customers.

·         Help monitor the hotel’s annual budget and expenses in relevant to safety matters.

·         Analyze any investment or expense related to guest and colleagues’ safety.

·         To build and promote an environment of safety awareness in the workplace.

·         Participate in problem solving/accident investigation when necessary or required.

·         Handle safety training in compliance with local laws and safety regulations for all colleagues to ensure that they carry out their duty safely.

·         Support security team in planning and conducting scheduled fire drills.

·         Develop analytical data for incident prevention purposes.

·         Hold OSHE reporting session on regular basis, suggest strategic corrective action to the team and follow up on progressive action.

·         Lead the team to generate initiative on loss prevention.

·         Act as safety advisor to the hotel management and hotel safety committee.

·         Responsible for all submissions, implementations and compliance as required.

·         Proactively identify potential safety issues and discuss with direct supervisor.

·         Own safety knowledge education session for all colleagues.



Job Qualification

·          Experience – you’ll have at least one year of maintenance or repair work under your belt

·          You’ll be familiar with Microsoft Office, a building management programme and/or any other reporting tools like HotSos, Opera, Lutron, Bartech, or Inncom

·          On top of building equipment and hand tools, you’ll have a working knowledge of basic plumbing, electrics, and preventative maintenance procedures

·          CPO certification – if the hotel has a pool, a Certified Pool Operator license would be ideal.

·          Fitness – you’ll be on your feet most of the day, and will need to bend and kneel a lot

·          Great communication skills, you’ll be warm, welcoming and easy to talk to

·          A high school diploma or related vocational training

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