Guest Experience Manager

Job Purpose:

Complete data entry tasks In the bustling heart of hospitality, the Guest Experience Manager stands as the orchestrator of delight, a maestro conducting the symphony of services that define a hotel's soul. With a keen eye for detail and a heart attuned to the unspoken needs of every visitor, they lead the Guest Experience Team with finesse, weaving the threads of brand relationships into a tapestry of memorable journeys. They are the guardians of satisfaction, responding with grace to the chorus of guests' requests, ensuring each stay resonates with comfort and consistency. In their hands, the quality process is an art form, a dance of operational effectiveness that brings to life the hotel's promise through people, products, and processes. Adapting and applying SOPs with creativity, they are the architects of excellence, actively embedding quality standards into the very fabric of the hotel, crafting experiences that not only meet but soar beyond expectations, leaving guests with a longing to return to the magic they create.

Basic Function:

·         Act as an ambassador for guests at our venue 

·         Help resolve any issues or complaints

·         Train employees in customer service

·         Create and enforce employee practices and policies

·         Assist with PR outreach or grassroots marketing projects


- Competitive salary packages

- 2 days off per week

- Telephone Allowance

- Birthday leave

- Provident Fund

- Health & Group Life Insurance

- Annual Physical Checkup

- Training Development Program

- Staff Discount Rate in STANDARD HOTELS worldwide

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