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Standard Sounds, The Standard’s music division, curates a wide array of live music, from both emerging talents and legends, in scintillating and intimate settings. Just as every Standard hotel is unique, each venue and series has a distinct musical identity that reflects the ethos, scene, and history of its surroundings. These offerings include live jazz at the Top of The Standard, down-and- dirty DJ and club culture at Le Bain, stripped down folk and rock ‘n’ roll in our Hollywood Cactus Lounge, Annie O’s eclectic live music series in the Penthouse of The Standard, East Village and a recording booth at London's Sounds Studio to name just a few.

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London, Thursday July 18 2024

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Sometimes Radio

Sometimes Radio is an irregular drop of music shows and cultural talks to soothe, uplift and inspire. We’re bringing The Standard, London’s Library Lounge vibes direct to you and celebrating our creative community in London and beyond with fresh mixes, ambient sets and a good helping of thought-provoking talks. A mixture of old and new, we’re also throwing back to some of our favourite panels and discussions from the Library Lounge – on topics from feminism and office politics to music and the mind – and re-playing our most-loved sets from the Sounds Studio with a healthy dose of live jazz. Stay home and listen.
Drop #4

London Design Talk with Tom Dixon, Marlene Huissoud & Yuri Suzuki

Journalist Bethan Ryder hosts a one-off talk show for Sometimes Radio dedicated to all things design, King's Cross and the reimagining of creative work in the time of a pandemic. The panel discussion - that was recorded live at the Sounds Studio - features the legendary King's Cross-based designer Tom Dixon, sound designer and rising star, Yuri Suzuki, and French experimental designer, Marlene Huissoud, who logged in from Paris.
Drop #4

Vinyl Glossolalia: Paul Maheke

Artist and dancer Paul Maheke talks about his life and work through a personal selection of songs in our debut episode of Vinyl Glossolalia. From tracks by Nkisi, Michelle Gurevich and Le1f, Maheke weaves his selection of music amongst the story of his life. Vinyl Glossolalia is brought to you by multidisciplinary arts and culture magazine, Emulsion. You can follow them here
Drop #4

Checking In: Alex Roach & Susie Wokoma

Actress and writer Alex Roach checks in on her pal, and fellow actress, Susie Wokoma to muse over their six months in lockdown. The duo discuss everything from the joys of blocking people on social media and the importance of green space, to mental health and creative output in the middle of a pandemic. Checking In was originally created as a way for two friends to check in on each other over the phone whilst geographically apart but as lockdowns ease across the UK Alex managed to check-in IRL with Susie whilst she visited her on set in Manchester.
Drop #4

On the Terrace: Nick Hadfield, Sam Don, Anomalous DJ

This recording fresh from last weekend’s sun kissed On The Terrace session, saw The Standard’s Music Director and resident Nick Hadfield joined by Sam Don & Anomalous DJ soundtracking the end of Summer. Nick kicked things off with some lush organic sounds & oddball psych grooves, followed by Sam Don exploring, soft rock, 80s & 90s summer soul & RnB, before Anomalous DJ closes things up with a deeper balearic sound touching on minimalism, and sunshine funk.
Drop #4

The Reading Club: Okechukwu Nzelu

Race, sex, class and more; listen as writer Okechukwu Nzelu discusses the making, meaning and story behind his debut novel, The Private Joys of Nnenna Maloney. On this drop’s episode of the Reading Club - hosted by The Standard, London’s Marketing and Culture Director, Karla Evans - novelist and teacher Okechuwku Nzelu talks honestly about writing in a pandemic, creating compelling characters and new interpretations of his novel after the increasing awareness of the Black Lives Matter movement.
Drop #4

Threads of Conversation: Margaret Zhang

The show that unravels stories of life and career, told through items of clothing. For this episode of Threads of Conversation, editor Georgia Graham is joined by the multi-talented Margaret Zhang - an Australian-born-Chinese filmmaker, photographer and consultant, who shot to fashion industry fame at the tender age of 16. Tracking highs, lows and laughs, listen as Margaret selects her most memorable items of clothing and shares the anecdotes associated with them.
Drop #4

Ritual with Rukaiyah

Musician, songwriter and creative and aspiring scholar of divinity, Rukaiyah is not your standard DJ. Ritual to most might mean a series of repeated actions within a religious context. But to Rukaiyah, Ritual is a series of motions that allow us to transcend our known experiences. Ritual with Rukaiyah explores this idea through music with a mix of performance and soundscape pieces from around the world. Not confined to spirituals and devotional tracks, she wants to shift your perceptions of what it means to experience a ritual, beyond routine. Get thine candles lit, for a blessèd hour is about to commence.
Drop #4

Perfect Slip Forever: Library Lounge Mix

Rory Bowens and Padraigh Perkins Edge are two of the figures behind Europe’s greatest radio station of the internet era: NTS. This recording from The Standard, London’s Library Lounge in March 2020 saw Rory and Padraigh blend the two sounds from their respective NTS shows and was the last DJ set recorded at The Standard, London before lockdown. The mix is a stunning selection of contemplative ambient, jazz & dream pop is perfect for a post summer reflective state.
Drop #4

Harv-Inder: Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids Mix

Part 2 of Harv-Inder’s mix series dedicated to Afro-Futurist Jazz Icons focuses on the inimitable Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids. Here Harv shines light on bandleader Ackamoor’s work progressing the forms of afro funk and jazz. Expect to hear a free expression of sound led by hypnotic percussion, saxophone and flute. Standard resident DJ Harv-Inder, is a DJ with a focus on spiritual and eastern jazz sounds and beyond, exemplified through his Outernational Record Label and you can find him at the counter at Honest Jons Records across from The Standard, London at Coal Drop’s Yard.
Drop #4

Phillip Horatio Bush: Sunday Sparklers Mix

Phillip Horatio Bush brings you a fortifying mixed bag of warm summer Sunday morning sparklers gently nudging you back to life. Taking you through psychedelic Africa, skipping across the rooftops of the Deep South, onto the Californian Beaches of baroque pop brilliance, over to Jamaica, then London in the sunshine and some Belfast folk jazz dreaminess to set you up nicely for the week ahead.

Sounds on Demand

Soul In The Horn Radio feat. Natasha Diggs & Emmavie

Live at The Standard, London

The seminal New York party Soul In The Horn comes to the studio of The Standard , London. Featuring founder and resident DJ Natasha Diggs with special guest Emmavie.

Nabihah Iqbal at The Standard, London

Standard Sounds Presents

Multi talented recording artist Nabihah Iqbal played and recorded a live DJ set in the Sounds Studio at The Standard, London on August 18th, 2019. Here is 4 hours of sonic open mindness

Osunlade & Kyri 45's all night & b2b

Standard Sounds Presents

Strictly 45's for a 5 hour back to back set with Osunlade (Yoruba Records) & Kyri (R2 Records). Captured live from The Standard, London's Sounds Studio.

Sounds Familiar Radio featuring Sadar Bahar, Lee Collins & Dego

Standard Sounds Presents

Episode #1 of Sounds Familiar Radio. Recorded live at The Sounds Studio from The Standard, London on July 12th, 2019


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