10 Standard Culture Highs from 2017

Despite it being a mashup of Opposite Day and Groundhog Day outside, we kept our heads up and powered right through. When all was said and done, there were some definite highlights. We read your DMs, rang our representatives to resist, got tipsy with celebs, and partied with the best of them. Here are the 10 best Standard Culture moments from 2017, and thanks for being a part of it all. Here's to next year.

#1: Stand Up

We opened the year with STAND UP, our new mission to use our platform and spaces to promote positive, productive activism. Standard Culture gleaned words of wisdom from people like Andres Serrano, Marilyn Minter, Peaches, Dian Hansen, Ron Finley, and Hettie Jones to name a few.

We subsequently launched RING YOUR REP, a phone booth at The Standard, High Line with a direct line to congress. We also installed that function into every phone in every room of our five hotels. We rang our reps to demand gun reform with Everytown, Julianne Moore, and Kyra Sedgwick, and we rang our reps with the ACLU to demand the support DREAMers.

#2: Party Monsters

We had some wild parties. Mariah Carey serenaded Karl Lagerfield at V Magazine's Bash, we hosted Purple Magazine's 25th Anniversary, we pre-gamed the legendary Black Party, and En Vogue freed our minds for Halloween.

#3: Lucy Sparrow's Felt Bodega

Lucy Sparrow opened her art pop-up 8 'till late at The Standard, High Line, where she recreated a typical New York City bodega but every item was felt (and adorable). 

#4: Songs from a Room

Artists Tei Shi, Helado Negro, Buscabulla, TV on the Radio, and Steve Lacy graced us with their presence to perform their "Songs from a Room."  

#4: Three Sheets to the Wind

We had a few too many drinks and got the hot goss from Detox, Nancy Whang, Awkwafina, Ed Droste, Marissa A. Ross, and Peggy Gou.

#6: Club Kids

We “Where Are They Now”’d with Club Kid Jenny Dembrow and model/performer/fierce doorwoman extraordinaire Connie Fleming

#7: La La Land

We did a deep dive into LA and goofed off with cover boy Steve Lacy. We learned what it means to eat on the Sunset Strip with Jonathan Gold, we explored LA style, DJ Harvey told us what was up, we heard weird Hollywood tales, and recreated Sex and the City's 1999 visit to The Standard, Hollywood with Carrie Dragshaw.

#8: Vids

We got artsy with our videos. We explored the studios of three NY artists with our series "HABITAT," and filmmaker Kava Jorna found "A Sense of Intuition."

#9: New Rules

We changed the game in NY and LA. We brought the best bar ever to the East Village with narcbar, and we announced the country’s first cannabis dispensary in a hotel at The Standard, Hollywood opening early 2018. 

#10: DMs

And to close: we combed through the DMs of all our accounts and compiled the best and weirdest just for you.

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