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Your New East Village Hangout: narcbar

If you happened to stroll by The Standard, East Village recently, you may have spotted something afoot in our Bowery-facing windows. We’re now beyond thrilled to introduce you to narcbar—our fresh, new addition to the East-side scene. 

narcbar is now open and ready to be gazed upon...or grazed upon, or guzzled, depending on your whims. The beauty of our new spot is that it’s suited to all kinds of situations in which you will inevitably find yourself. 

The cocktails are no joke, the wine selection is pitch-perfect, the eats are elevated but not fussy, and the atmosphere is unparalleled. 

Here’s what you need to know…


All lowercase, one word. The “narc” comes from Narcissa, our restaurant. Don't be a narc, eat at narc, drink at narc. Got it? 


Tucked beside The Standard, East Village at 25 Cooper Square, right next door to Narcissa. 


Anytime from after-work to after-hours. Bring it on. We’ll be here. 


The clean, colorful feel of Narcissa, but more laid back.


Our cocktail game was masterminded by beloved New York barkeep Tonia Guffey. It’s about classics, done right, with lots of fresh juices in the mix. The golden ratios rule. Guffey says of her menu: “Every drink was created with the intention that you could have more than one—nothing too rich, too sweet, or too intense." We recommend the gin cocktail. 

For the wine lovers, our sommelier, Ashley Santoro, has curated a rapturous wine selection with an emphasis on innovative wines. Our white and rosé taps will be flowing all summer long, and we’ll have cold cans of Ramona waiting for you. 


narcbar's eats come courtesy of our very own Michelin-starred chef, John Fraser. His blissed-out bar bites reflect the same fresh, farm-to-table ethos as Narcissa, but more casual and with an emphasis on sharing. Come for appetizers, dinner, and/or drunchies. Highlights include the onion rings with buttermilk dip; the narcburger; the chic-chic french dip with bone broth; the obligatory kale salad (yes, that's the name); and the rude boy ceviche (it's so good, it's rude).  

And that’s it! Come find your place at narcbar this summer. 

Everyday 5pm - 2am



See you at narcbar!

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