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Songs from a Room: Tei Shi Performs "Keep Running" at The Standard, High Line

Argentine singer-songwriter Tei Shi (née Valerie Teicher) is known for her electro synth pop slow jams. “Keep Running” is the jammiest jam off her new album,
Crawl Space; it’s a sultry, synthy joyride. When we stripped it down to its essentials in our most recent episode of Songs From a Room, the song takes on a whole new power. It becomes a heart-stirring ballad where her strong vocals get their chance to really shine, where she’s afraid of the passing of time and looking to live in the now. It’s fitting that we get to see this softer, more vulnerable side in Le Bain—our down and dirty rooftop discotheque also shows its softer side, soaked in sunlight. Peep the episode and keep running.

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