Meet Your New Best Friend, Standard Time

Once upon a time, we all had a lot less choices...

Say you wanted to see a movie: you were at the mercy of whatever, wherever, and whenever it was playing. If you needed a ride, you’d go stand on the street and start whistling and throwing out your arm like some Parisian lady/gentleman of the night. It wasn’t quite as dramatic as it sounds, but sometimes it was a real hassle. To meet someone, you had to go to something called a “bar,” and try your luck with whatever motley assortment of characters happened to have wandered in off the street. 

To take another example: hotels. At most of them, to this day, if your flight lands at 8am, you’re cooling your high heels until the 3pm check-in. And pretty much everyone who’s reading this has had the experience of being awakened at the crack of 11am by the front desk or housekeeping. 

That’s all about to change…

The Standard has now introduced something called Standard Time, thus bringing its hotels into the present day with its myriad choices. Now you get to choose when you want to check in and out of our five hotels in New York, LA, and Miami. Come early. Stay up late. Sleep in. What you do with Standard Time is up to you. Instead of changing your plans to suit our schedule, we’re retooling ours for yours.

For those who get overwhelmed by the idea of all these choices, allow us to ease you into this concept of TIME gently with a bit of light reading…

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