Standard Time is a service that lets you choose your check-in and check-out times. In other words, you can now check in/out whenever works for you at our hotels in New York, London, Los Angeles, and Miami. Come early. Stay up late. Sleep in. Take off whenever. Do your thing.


When selecting the room type, you’ll be given the option to choose Standard Time rate plan from the drop-down menu (only if it’s available). [Hint: The best way to ensure that you have access to Standard Time is to book ahead.] For an additional fee, you get all the benefits of coming and going at your leisure. Prior to your stay, we’ll get in touch via email to get your estimated check-in and check-out times. How you use your Standard Time is up to you.


Good question. We can think of a bunch of reasons.

1. Two words: red eye.

2. Your night out requires a morning in.

3. You do your best work holding a Bloody Mary.

4. You jet after sunset.

5. You came for work, but you need a little playtime.

6. Your staycation checklist is major.

7. The Standard Spa’s hamam is calling your name.

8. Extra time with that special someone.

9. Replace “airport food court” with “lunch on the pool deck.”

10. The minibar’s not going to drink itself.

*Standard Time rate is not applicable with any other rate type (corporate/contracted/group) or discount.

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