Beau's Guide to Los Angeles

A wise person once said the outside perspective is the clearest perspective, and the dreamy bohemian New York band Beau knows this well. The childhood friends that make up Beau, Heather Golden and Emma Rose, were born and raised amongst the creatives and interestings of downtown Manhattan, and were compelled to start making music together when they were 13 years old. Now in their 20s, they're on tour to promote their new album That Thing Reality, and they're getting to know the wider reaches of the world. Thanks to a recent string of shows in Los Angeles, they've gotten to know the City of Angeles as a home away from home. Check out the band's quintessential LA spots. 

Photos of Beau by Natalie O'Moore


Eat at Sqirl, it's our favorite! If you are looking for hearty yet healthy food, go to this place. Plus, there's a very cute vintage store next door. Our personal favorite is the rice bowl with the poached egg. *Drool.* 


Mount Wilson is an amazing spot to watch sunsets, as well as look out over vast oceans of mist and trees. In the distance, you can see Los Angeles and it looks as if it's floating on top of the clouds. 


Good Times at Davey Wayne's is a speakeasy bar with go-go dancers, couches, hammocks, and lamps. You have to walk through a vintage store, open a fridge door, and then you find yourself in this time capsule bar. 


Topanga Vintage Market is our favorite market to find vintage goods. Last time I went, I scored a Minolta film camera for $10. That's a find! 


Photo by Drea Castro

Want to go to the movies but also want to see the sun set? Street Food Cinema is our go-to spot for watching movies while sipping beer and watching the sun go down. It's the best way to spend your nights if you don't want to go to the disco. 

Beau's West Coast Tour Playlist:


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