Primetime: Filmmaker Liza Voloshin's Guide to the Best NYC Day

We just dropped the best thing to happen to travel in a long time. Now, thanks to Standard Time, you can check in and out of all our hotels whenever you want. Can ya hear that hallelujah chorus?

To celebrate this glorious occasion, we collaborated with Danny Sangra on a series of videos that capture the spirit of all things Standard Time. Featured in one of these videos (can you spot her?) is filmmaker Liza Voloshin, who is also co-founder of chez conversations, an all-female NY-based arts collective whose members include Cleo Wade, Kate Greer, Margot, and Mia Moretti. (We've had some fun with them in the past, too.)

As a New York-based artist, Voloshin gets this city in a way not everyone does, and thanks to Standard Time, you can get a whole lot more out of one day. We asked her to lay out her ideal day in New York from morning to late night. 

Morning: Golden Bridge Yoga

Starting each morning at a women's kundalini yoga class with Swaranpal gets me into a flow for the rest of the day. Everyone literally glows when they walk out the doors after class.

Golden Bridge Yoga

Afternoon: Satya Twena's Atelier

For a peak into one of New York's last hat ateliers, I love spending an afternoon at Satya Twena's studio. Her custom hats and endless trims are handcrafted on the spot by talented artisans. And Satya is a goddess.

Satya Twena

Magic Hour: Washington Square Park

Photo by David Shankbone

There is nothing in this world like a stroll through Washington Square Park as the sun begins to set and the sounds of piano begin to drift through the 300-year-old elm trees.

Evening: The National Black Theatre

Photo by Comfort Ifeoma Katchy

A cultural icon in the black community for over 45 years, the National Black Theatre is a haven for thoughtful, poignant plays run by my friend Sade Lythcott. And it's so lucky that it's a short walk from Melba's Restaurant, one of the best places in the city for soul food.

The National Black Theatre

Night: Metrograph

I love working in film, and was ecstatic when NYC's first independent movie theater to open in over a decade popped up around the corner from my home. The two-screen theater dedicates itself to not only contemporary work, but also 35mm archival films. And I love that all the chairs are made from repurposed wood from the old Domino Sugar Factory.


Late Night: Mezzrow

The secret sister of Smalls Jazz Club, Mezzrow is my spot for a martini and spontaneous acoustic jazz that goes into the wee hours of the morning. If you're lucky, the saxophonist will invite you for a nightcap at one of the private jam sessions the musicians hold after their sets.


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