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Standard Sounds, The Standard’s music division, curates a wide array of live music, from both emerging talents and legends, in scintillating and intimate settings. Just as every Standard hotel is unique, each venue and series has a distinct musical identity that reflects the ethos, scene, and history of its surroundings. These offerings include live jazz at the Top of The Standard, down-and- dirty DJ and club culture at Le Bain, stripped down folk and rock ‘n’ roll in our Hollywood Cactus Lounge, Annie O’s eclectic live music series in the Penthouse of The Standard, East Village and a recording booth at London's Sounds Studio to name just a few.

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London, Tuesday November 28 2023

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Sometimes Radio

Sometimes Radio is an irregular drop of music shows and cultural talks to soothe, uplift and inspire. We’re bringing The Standard, London’s Library Lounge vibes direct to you and celebrating our creative community in London and beyond with fresh mixes, ambient sets and a good helping of thought-provoking talks. A mixture of old and new, we’re also throwing back to some of our favourite panels and discussions from the Library Lounge – on topics from feminism and office politics to music and the mind – and re-playing our most-loved sets from the Sounds Studio with a healthy dose of live jazz. Stay home and listen.
Drop #2

Threads of Conversation: Celestine Cooney

What's an item of clothing that reminds you of a really great party? That's just one of the questions you can expect from fashion editor and host Georgia Graham in "Threads Of Conversation", a show on Sometimes Radio that asks creatives tell the story of their career via the tales told by their clothes. In this episode, Georgia chats to international fashion stylist Celestine Cooney, who talks us through career highs, Chanel handbags, Patrick Bateman suits and her enduring love of Crocs.
Drop #2

Checking In with Zarina Rossheart & Laima Leyton

Over a month into lockdown, it’s essential for us to keep checking in with our loved ones. In this episode of Checking In we hear as curator and Art Night director, Zarina Rossheart, calls up her friend, the musician, artist and performer, Laima Leyton. The two delve into the details of life in the time of COVID-19 putting the world to right over home, family life, music and the creative space this unique time is allowing them.
Drop #2

Space, Bass & Place: Andrew Weatherall, Mark Richards & Joe Muggs

Legendary Primal Scream producer, remixer and DJ, the late Andrew Weatherall, joined physicist and professor, Dr. Mark Richards, and journalist, Joe Muggs, for a trippy discussion on music and the mind last July. Exploring what actually happens to the body and the brain when we hear music and the science behind the emotion. Is there a subconscious hunt for a certain sound? How do physical vibrations and soundwaves react with human frequencies? How do dancefloor dynamics impact our musical experiences? This experimental format sees sound designer Tom Gillieron create a live sound mix as the panel talks so expect distortions and reverberations as you listen. This panel was recorded live the Library Lounge at The Standard, London on July 17th, 2019.
Drop #2

The Lens Tapes: Colin Dodgson

Composition, colour and the darkroom. British photographer Will Grundy hosts, The Lens Tapes, a series of conversations with photographers working today. In this episode, Will speaks with Colin Dodgson, a native Californian whose ethereal style has seen him shoot dreamy editorials for i.D and British Vogue, capture the likes of Quentin Tarantino and Tilda Swinton, as well as campaigns for the likes of Gucci and DKNY. From inspiration and education to the craft and darkroom technique, listen as Colin opens up about his take on modern picture-making.
Drop #2

Yamen Makdad: Black is the Colour Mix

Yamen Makdad’s first mix for Sometimes Radio is a sonic exploration of resistance and harmony embodied by black music, reflecting on the shared collective struggle and, in his own words, “the perennial power of black grace.” Expect jazz, blues, resistance, African, Brazilian and proto-house tracks from the DJ who also has monthly show on Balamii, SOAS & El Houma radio stations.
Drop #2

12.4 Textural Wonders by Frankie Valentine

This show features one of London's most quietly excellent selectors: Frankie Valentine. In "12.4 Textural Wonders", Frankie digs deeps into his collection of late 60s and early 70s film soundtrack and library records, exploring the outer textures of "lounge music". Hear Frankie explain his feeling-based approach to music in an interview with Nick Hadfield before settling into his 12 exquisitely chosen tracks.
Drop #2

Mistah Brown and Barrie Sharpe: Version

Standard resident, Mistah Brown, hosted London acid-jazz head, Barrie Sharpe, for one of his Version sessions back in August 2019. Exploring their wider vinyl collections of funk, soul, dance, and more, this mix features plenty of dub reggae and reinterpreted classics and shows their longstanding love of Jamaican music.
Drop #2

Nabihah Iqbal: Library Lounge Mix

Musician and DJ, Nabihah Iqbal, took over the The Standard, London’s Library Lounge on International Women’s Day with her solid mix of psychedelic soul, funk, dub and classic disco tracks. When she’s not at the Library Lounge she can be found hosting her critically acclaimed bi-weekly show on NTS, presenting on BBC, and, more recently, championing Glory to Sound, her new talk show she hosts at Somerset House.
Drop #2

Rahel: Gado Gado Mix

Jakarta-born, Rahel, brings an hour of purely Indonesian music for an aural trip across the world’s largest archipelago. Named ‘gado-gado’ after the famous Indonesian dish, Rahel created the new mix in lockdown exclusively for Sometimes Radio. Press play for a mash-up of genres from jazz to disco and everything in between.

Sounds on Demand

FOURTH SOUNDS Vol 1: In Conversation With Peter Zummo

Standard Sounds Conversation Series

Listen to Peter Zummo in conversation with Cedric Bardawil and Nick Hadfield in the Sounds Studio at The Standard London. Peter is a trombonist, composer and producer who collaborated closely with Arthur Russell from the 1970s to 1990s shaping the New York avant-garde music scene. Peter discusses what he’s currently working on and what to expect during his performance with Peace On Earth (Robert Stillman, Tom Skinner and Tom Herbert) in the Library Lounge at The Standard, London on the 29th February 2020. Photo Credit: Joseph Zummo

Trepanado Live in London

Standard Sounds Presents

Brasilian digger behind the Selvagem parties, tune in to a mix from Trepanado recorded at the Library and dive into his exotic eclecticism.

Honest Jon's goes Outernational feat. Harv-inder & Alan

Standard Sounds Presents

Alan from the legendary Honest Jon's record shop and Outernational's founder Harv-inder play back to back in The Standard's Library.

Zakia Live in London

Standard Sounds Presents

NTS resident brings her jazz selection to the Library. Expect five hours of spiritual and psychedelic jazz oddities.


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