StndAIR Flies Again!

StndAIR, our handsome red Cessna, codename Willa, has seen its fair share of summertime adventures. Flying high above the fray from the East River to the East End, it's far and away the chic-est way to get to the beach. To give you an idea...

Back in 2012, genius prankster extraordinaire Casey Neistat did a thorough case study, comparing our trusty seaplane to the road-shackled Jitney. 

Something about the seaplane just captures the imagination. We asked some young travelers-in-training to draw a portrait of our little red Cessna. 

Jasper, Age 6 
Our seaplane's place in the larger history of flights of fancy is firmly established. 

And last year, the legendary International Air Hostess, Pam Ann, came aboard—in the most unusual way of course. 

Now, we’re back and taking reservations. (Our first flights take off Memorial Day Weekend.) Browse to get all the information you need, or just give us a ring at (855)-STND-AIR. And stay tuned…since you’ll never know what we’ll be getting into this summer season. 

Bon voyage!

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