WATCH: Casey Neistat's Travel Review, Bus Vs. StndAIR

007 co-stars, well not exactly.

They say one of the best parts of living in New York City ... is leaving. Come this time of year, prop stylists and hedge fund analysts alike scrape their way out whenever and however they can, by train or by plane, by hook or by crook. To have a snazzy red eight-seater seaplane – like say, the one StndAIR flies – drop you off beachside is a luxury for sure, (but one that might not be as out-of-reach as you may think) and one with benefits you might not fully realize. Enter filmmaker wünderkind, Casey Neistat, who has vividly juxtaposed in his "Comparative Analysis: Bus vs. Seaplane" the cattle drive they call "the bus," with the, how does he put it, "flying fucking magical time machine," known as StndAIR. Paraphrasing here, but just slightly. The conclusions may not surprise you, but perhaps the journey will.

Left: Casey on the bus Right: Casey already on the beach

Now, because Casey's a stylish guy and we're a stylish hotel group, we got MR PORTER in on the action, lending to the video some of their dapper threads and a copy of one of our favorite reads, MR PORTER Post. And ... here's the amazing part, they're putting on the single best sweepstakes we've ever done. You go on Facebook here and bam, you're in the running to win a $5,000 or £5,0000 (no currency triangle arbitrage allowed) gift certificate to Mr. Porter and a four-night stay at The Standard of your choice.

And now, over to Casey.

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