StndAIR Through Kids’ Eyes

Once upon a time, there was a man named André who dreamed of a bright-red Cessna seaplane that would whisk savvy travelers high above the harried highways. It would sail on wind, swim in water — with rosé and Swedish Fish for all! He named his amphibious airship Willa for the newborn daughter of one of his best pals.

We asked our pint-sized experts to show us their seaplane visions to make sure StndAIR is up to snuff.

Experience the joys of StndAIR for yourself: book online or call 855 STND AIR (786-3247).

Theo, Age 6

Willa, Age 2

Jasper, Age 6

Lena Jean, Age 3

Cooper, Age 7

David, Age 7

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