The 5 Funniest Shows on the Web Right Now

In case you haven't noticed, there's more cable-quality comedy on the Internet than ever before. Here are five web series we love:

1. THE OUTS The Plot: A group of smartass twenty-somethings search for love and sex in deepest darkest Brooklyn.
Why You'll Relate: You like love/sex/are twenty-something. You don’t have to live in BK, but it helps.
Best Line: “I like it when you talk to me like I’m an old woman in a Walgreens in Dallas.”
If You Like It, Try...: Whatever This Is, from the same writer-director.

2. GAYLE The Plot: Meet Gayle. She’s the epitome of suburban rage. Comic Chris Fleming portrays her struggles to become the perfect housewife.
Why You'll Relate: Oh God, we hope you don’t!
Best Line: “My name is Gayle Waters-Waters. My husband and I have the same last name, but I still insisted on hyphenating it.”

3. THE MISADVENTURES OF AN AWKWARD BLACK WOMAN The Plot: Exactly what it sounds like.
Why You'll Relate: You don’t need to be black, female, or even particularly awkward. If you’re human, you’ll see yourself.
Best Line: “So here I am writing violent rap lyrics in my bedroom.”

4. HIGH MAINTENANCE The Plot: A drug dealer in New York City services his clients, many of whom you'll recognize. What’s great about this series is you can watch it in any order.
Why You'll Relate: For every hysterical episode like "Olivia", there's a "Brad Pitts" to break your heart.
Best Line: "Just cutting up a Klimt coffee table book and making collages does not make you an artist.”

5. JACK IN THE BOX The Plot: Jack sells tickets. Jack answers calls. Jack tries not to go insane. He mostly succeeds. This one recently won the WGA Writing Award.
Why You'll Relate: It’s like Seinfeld, if Jerry was into dudes. (You don’t have to be into dudes, but it helps.)
Best Line: “It’s a Sir, not a ma’am.”

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