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Three years ago we launched Ring Your Rep -- direct lines to Congress complete with call scripts -- at each of our US hotels, to encourage our guests to make their voices heard on issues including gun control, LGBTQ+ rights, immigration, and voter registration. We did not focus on issues of systemic racism, police brutality or discrimination against Black people, or use our platform to support the Black Lives Matter movement. For that we are extremely regretful and deeply sorry to our Black team members and guests. Our activism initiatives left out matters of extreme importance to them, to all of us. ⁣⁣Today we are reinvigorating Ring Your Rep in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, and on all legislation and movements that are working towards equality and equity. 

Get vocal about about social and racial justice, by raising your voice to your state representative, using any of the scripts we've compiled for Ring Your Rep. We've partnered with organizations like Everytown and the ACLU to host past Ring Your Rep events in all of our cities around issues like gun control, DACA, March for Our Lives, and more, and to advise on the creation of these scripts to be as efficient, informative, and productive as possible. 

Below is a selection of Ring Your Rep scripts that require continued action. We will continue updating in reaction to new cases and legislation, so stay posted here. Raise your voice. Demand accountability and progress. 

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