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PHOTOS: Poliça Commands at The Top of The Standard

On Thursday, May 12, the incomparable Poliça came to town for a special performance at The Top of The Standard. There wasn’t any particular occasion, per se, aside from our April through June, coast-to-coast Standard Sounds musical odyssey, but the crowd was in fine form—maybe it was the recent arrival of warm weather. The band took the stage around midnight with the room packed wall-to-wall—or skyline to skyline rather. It was a special night in a room that’s seen its fair share of them. Standard Culture went behind the scenes with the band before the show and followed them up for the main event. 

On the heels of their new album 'United Crushers' (a protest album if ever there was one) we asked Poliça to select their all-time favorite protest songs by other artists


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