Ten on 10 with Peter Sanchez-Iglesias

We spent 10 mins with Decimo’s Executive Chef Peter Sanchez-Iglesias to get the low-down on his secrets of The Standard, London, his top tools of the trade, plus where he’s eating when he’s not cooking his Mexican-meets-Spanish menu.

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When you’re not in the kitchen, which London restaurant do you just *love* to visit?
I was recently introduced to Margot Henderson of Rochelle Canteen in Shoreditch by Decimo GM Tulisa Lawrence - it's the exact type of place that I want to spend more time in; a relaxed good vibe, incredible food and their natural wine list is fantastic too!

Favourite secret of The Standard, London?
The hidden Banksy on the back of the hotel! Being from Bristol, it makes me feel right at home.

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What’s your all-time favourite song to cook to?
It really depends what mood I’m in. Probably a Kanye track - he just makes really good music. Also, I really like listening to For Those I Love- You Stayed / To Live - it’s a bit deep but has a great sound and rhythm. His song was on a playlist created by Zak Hitchman, my Head Chef at Casamia.

What’s one tool that everyone should have in their kitchen at home?
Apart from the very basics, a good box grater is essential. I use the Microplane one at home - it’s so versatile for grating garlic or ginger, coleslaw and a must for Parmesan. 

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Favourite meal for under a tenner?
Always a Cheese Burger. For £10 you can get good buns, great minced beef, American style cheese - job done!

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