Our 14 Favorite Moments from 2014

14. We started a vegetable revolution.

Welcome to Narcissa

13. We introduced emerging writers to life in the East Village. The Paris Review helped.

Meet our Writers-in-Residence

12. Speaking of things literary, we hosted the National Book Award winners during the Miami Book Fair International and we'll just say that the book world knows how to have a good time.

11. We found the more unconventional side of Fall Fashion Week…

10. The New York Times called our Culture print issue the new hotel amenity.

9. We were drowning in divas…BANKS, Icona Pop, Brooke Candy ... Rita Ora is singing New Year's Eve!

8. Hello, Standard Brauhaus.

7. We located the world’s happiest and chic-est cave dwellers.

FriendsWithYou 'Light Cave'

6. Spencer Tunick got naked, nakedly honest anyway…

5. Our housekeepers gave us the inside secrets on making the perfect bed.

4. We found something new to do in the shower.

StandardSounds x NudeAudio

3. We were delightfully invaded by the Brits, from Benedict Cumberbatch to Keira Knightly to Eddie Redmayne to Hugh Dancy.

Hugh's show 'Hannibal' was ranked the best show on TV this year by NY Mag while Keira, Ben, and Eddie are all up for Golden Globes.

2. A certain Hollywood (and Ping-Pong) legend gave us the scoop on 40 years of Rocky Horror. She gave us some hot ping-pong tips as well over at SPiN STANDARD at The Standard, Downtown LA

1. Chinese artist Liu Bolin lost himself at ToTs. Piece together his journey here.

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