Party Patrol

Nothing Says ‘F*** It’ Like Liquid Cheese Next to Valuable Artwork

Tightly corseted art events are a dime a dozen. Who hasn’t been to an opening where awkwardly brushing past a work on the wall is as far as one gets to interacting with the artist. Well that certainly wasn’t the case at Bruce High Quality Foundation’s benefit event last Thursday, for their free university.

Send out the canned nacho cheese (nothing says ‘f*** it’ like the strong scent of melting cheddar, beside BHQF’s valuable screen-prints) - an hors d'oeuvre that not only satisfied the cold and hungry Bruce lovers, but one that was also part of artist Nick Buffon’s performance piece for the night.

The evening delivered live performances from Blood Orange and the appropriately loud Dinner (definitely a band to keep an eye on). As the party played on into the wee hours, under the bright neon lights of the collective’s Manet appropriations, Stan was seen exiting contentedly. He wasn’t the only one…judging by the packed 12,000 square foot space, there will be plenty of chalkboards and gold stars for Bruce's students next year.

And be sure to check out our interview with Bruce from the fall print issue.

India Salvor Menuez

Dev Hynes

Sydie Lansing and Bob Colacello

Ashley Smith

Fake Injury Party, Scott Leeming, Paul Tjepkema, Derrick Gueren

Dustin Yellin


Dev Hynes performs as Blood Orange

The Crowd

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