Thanks For The Memories, Hollywood

As the sun sets on Sunset, guests, visitors, friends and family of The Standard, Hollywood share snapshots of their favorite memories from over the years and give their closing comments and sweet goodbyes. Thank you for all the love. We're gonna miss you too. 

"Goodbye, you legend. LA won't be the same."

"Was working as a journalist when I moved from London to LA the year you opened in '99. I was living just up the street, so it became a regular spot to hang out. In 2012 I was commissioned by an English magazine to spend an evening in the reception box and report back. Not your usual model type, but I don't think I scared off too many customers."

"Sunset Strip is losing another icon."

"Was there 4 years ago on a work trip to photoshoot Kendall Jenner. Had the most amazing pancakes. I'll never forget."

"It was an utterly splendid place to schmooze, romance, party, flop, flaunt or fake it till you make it. True Hollywood style."

"I AM HEARTBROKEN. This place shaped my entire LA experience! After countless pool days, one night stands, and a couple birthdays hosted there, I will cherish y’all’s memories forever! It’s a sad day indeed."

"To me, hotel rooms always feel like they're waiting for their next guests to arrive, their lobbies soulless, transitory places. Only one hotel ever made me feel at home. Because home is where the heart is."

"A huge part of my growth as an artist and the first place I ever sang live in LA (before I was known as a DJ). They entrusted me to host queer events for over a decade, pulling off some of the biggest gags and incredible talent. They took a chance on a queer WOC and our partnerships were legendary. Thank you for the memories of a lifetime."

"The first time I came to LA, I arrived alone and booked a room in the hotel for a week. Ended up staying over a month."

"It just felt like the place to be."

"You are unforgettable."

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