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Annie O Presents: Liza Anne

The rising Tennessee-based rocker talks to Annie O, our East Village music maven, about her TV debut, panic disorders, and stripping down her set for the Penthouse.
Where are you based now? 
Nashville, TN! 

Tell us about your newest album Fine But Dying. What was the writing/recording process of the project? 
This album felt like coming home - I’m not sure if I realized that during the creation of it or if that was something I’ve come to now that I’ve sat with it for a year. When I starting working towards this record, I wanted to create a universe that I didn’t feel apologetic over or, more so, reclaim the spaces of myself that I have consistently felt sorry towards. 

You have a special  writing style—kind of ironic and sarcastic yet completely sincere. Tell us about how and when you started songwriting. 
I’ve been writing things since I was very small—I think I’ve just always enjoyed having a space where I wasn’t interrupted. I think my writing, as any form of emoting or expressing, has evolved into a more realized and blunt form over time. I realize now that saying more with less and is powerful. 

You just played Conan this month. Was this your first TV appearance? Tell us all about it…
It was my first! It was so amazing. Honestly, I felt completely calm and inside of my body all day—it didn’t feel like we were doing anything that we shouldn’t be doing. I didn’t feel like I was intruding on something—it felt like I should be there, ya know? I had a moment that morning of small nerves which, in usual cases, tends to spiral into a full day of my panic disorder, but that day it didn’t at all. I kind of had a monumental moment with my panic disorder that morning where, when I started to feel the tinge of nerves, I transmuted the nervous energy into gratefulness that my body was reminding me that I am doing something brave and powerful. 

Any touring plans this year? Where can we find you? 
So many plans! We start touring the new record in March and have some festivals in Canada booked for the summer. I’m excited to see everything start filling out—things can feel skeletal before an album releases, so I’m excited for the record to speak for itself and plans to follow it. 

Favorite on stage or on tour moment?
This is a hard question. Honestly, every moment of performing is it’s own favorite. I am so lucky to do this. I never want to stop realizing how lucky I am to do this. 

Who is an artist that you would love to collaborate with?
Feist—absolutely Feist. Or, St. Vincent. I just think that what they’ve created is a universe that’s in no way fragmented. To be close to something so realized would be a gift. 
Are there any tracks by other artists you currently have on repeat?
“Tears In the Typing Pool” by Broadcast, “Free Man In Paris” by Joni Mitchell, and “Slop” by Forth Wanderers. 

Who are some of your major sonic influences?
The Cranberries, early Feist, Lady Lamb, and also the sound of the inside of my head when I’m having an epidemic of my panic and OCD—that feels like an odd thing to note sonically, but a lot of the patterns I’ve found in my writing and sonic tendencies are mirrored to how my brain feels most days. 

What can we expect from your show at the Annie O Music Series?
We’re playing a really strange version of our set—it’s just my bandmate and I, so we’re taking everything down to the bare minimum and letting the songs themselves move and emote as they do without much push. 

If Liza Anne had a super power what would it be? 
Seeing into the future. Or teleporting. I’d really like to be able to move between here and Paris with less of a hassle. 

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