Our 15 Favorite Moments from 2015

Left to right: 1. New Museum Triennial (Photo: The Standard) 2. Cover of Standard Culture's summer print issue (Photo: Henry Hargreaves) 3. The Whitney and The Standard shot from the Westside Highway (Photo: Courtesy The Whitney) 4. A lady in red examines Chuck Close's photo-realist masterpiece at the Whitney's opening gala last May (Photo: The Standard) 5. Whitney Curator Donna De Salvo sitting in her office with The Standard, High Line hogging the view. (Photo: Henry Hargreaves)
#15. Art Adjacent   
In what was the art event of the year, the new Whitney Museum of American Art opened last May in The Standard, High Line's back yard. Literally. It's so close you can actually spy into the galleries from your bedroom. Chief Curator Donna De Salvo talked to us about the opening show, America is Hard to See. 

And down the block from The Standard, East Village, 
curator Lauren Cornell and superstar artist Ryan Trecartin tackled humanity's complicated relationship with technology for the New Museum's Triennial. Ms. Cornell talked us through the making of one of the most lauded art shows of the year, "Surround Audience". 

Hello, New York! Ed Droste at The Standard, High Line shot by Balarama Heller
#14. Indie Rock Royalty Checks In 
The talented and charismatic Grizzly Bear frontman Ed Droste was back on the East Coast and caught us up on his new life in LA. Spoon frontman Britt Daniel stopped by for some beers, and Eleanor Friedberger hung out with us in the midst of a West Coast swing. 

1. Photo excerpt from The Family Acid 2. Beautiful joint for a beautiful lady, from The Family Acid 3. From the zine, High Minded. 4. Katja Blichfeld and Ben Sinclair wrap up an evening on the town (Photo: Jay Carroll) 
#13. High Society 

Pot continued to grow…in stature. Even as it moves steadily toward the mainstream, its roots remain firmly planted in the counterculture. Legendary KCRW reggae DJ, Vietnam veteran, LA counterculture fixture, and lifelong photographer Roger Steffens installed his work in The Box at The Standard, Hollywood to celebrate his book The Family Acid. He, or rather his kids, launched a hugely successful Instagram from over 40,000 images of what they describe as an "unorthodox life". Basically, everyone is stoned out of their skulls and having a marvelous time. We sent photographer Michael Schmelling to check out this dude's house. See what a 40,000-slide archive looks like.

In other high times, The Standard, Hollywood hosted Dank Tank, a series of talks on the contemporary issues of pot, accompanied by a beautiful zineLast but not least, we spent a crazy night out with the creators and stars of the cult web-series phenom, High Maintenance. Looking forward to seeing it on HBO next year!  

Aphrodite: The ancient Greek goddess of love and beauty, identified by the Romans with Venus.
#12. Best Bum of the Year 
We just loved this photo set from up-and-coming photographer/DJ Harry McNally. Don't miss the captions.

#11. Best Abs of the Year 

In a bit of community outreach/self-serving eye candy session, the West Hollywood water polo team came by The Standard, Hollywood for a scrimmage. Photographer Peter Bohler captured the Speedo-clad (and Speedo-less) action.

#10. We Hooked You Up 
With rooms, that is. If somehow you missed it, or have yet to download it, our amazing app, One Night Standard offers superlative spur-of-the-moment rates in New York, LA, and Miami. 

#9. Some Useful (if Unusual) Guides 
You should really be well-versed in all these things by this time next year. 

#8. We Learned a New Way to Work a Room 

Artist Eva Stenram, whose work occupied our magazine ad space, really knows how to make you look. Read our interview here. 

#7. Speaking of Working Rooms... 
We hosted the celeb studded after-party of the year, per usual. 

José Parlá (Photo: Chris Mosier)
#6. Artist José Parlá Went All 3D in The Plaza...
...Installing his monumental "Segmented Realities" painted sculpture series. He also made an artwork out of cashmere. Technically speaking, it's a scarf and it's beautiful. Read our profile on his career here. It's quite a story.  

#5. The Glamorous Life of Our Lettuce 
We didn't think lettuce was the sexiest of foods—that is, until we spent a day at The Locusts, where Narcissa's produce sprouts from the ground. Photographer Balarama Heller captured every last dewy drop. Now we get why it’s so delicious.

#4. Songs from a Room 
With so many incredible musicians passing through, we thought it would be a good idea to just, you know, sit them down, in a room, and let them do their thing. "Songs from a Room" was born. Years and Years and Wet both blew us away. 

#3. Always Meet Your Heroes...
...Or, if they're dead, we suggest riffling through their stuff. "30 Desert Turtles, Saltines, a Watermelon, and Dry Ice" chronicles Standard Culture's visit to the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation just down the block from The Standard, East Village. Speaking of legendary downtown artists, we interviewed East Village-local Francesco Clemente about his recent show at Mass MoCA and the significance of water to the East Village’s most celebrated watercolorist. 

Shame co-writer Abi Morgan poses in the window where Michael Fassbender once filmed his infamous scene. (Photo: Christopher Lehman) 
#2. Even Better, Meet Your Heroines
Strong, accomplished, inspiring lady-types made our lives worth living this year. Anjelica Huston, Iris Apfel, Cheryl Dunn, Betty Tompkins, and Abi Morgan were just a few with whom we chatted. And then there was the time that Pam Ann hijacked our seaplane and Madonna hijacked the Top of The Standard. 

#1. And in the feel good announcement of the year, under the heading of 'Great Steps for Animal-kind' … Dogs now stay free at all Standard Hotels. Happy 2016 everybody! 

Anjelica Huston at The Standard, Hollywood. Shot by Dewey Nicks for the ASPCA. 

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