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10 Aussie Phrases We'd Never Heard Before

We're not sure what it is about the former penal colony island nation, but Australia sure does produce the most charming, lovely people, who say the most charming, lovely things - half of which we can't understand. When we hung out with The Preatures the other day it started to get out of hand. So the band kindly made us this handy little guide.

Frothy: You’re gagging for it. You really want it. You’re really excited about it.
Example: "I can already tell this year is going to be froth-worthy."

A Bee's Dick: Measurement of length; a very small amount.
Example: "Move it to the left by a bee's dick will you, mate..."

The Duck's Nuts: Very cool; the best.
Example: "How good is Game of Thrones!? It's the duck's nuts!"

Chuck a Wobbly: To have a tantrum.
Example: "Bruce didn't get his way so he chucked a wobbly."

Struth: Roughly short for "it's truth"; an exclamation expressing surprise or verification.
Example: "Struth! Look how big that bloody emu is!"

Drongo: Idiot/imbecile.
Example: "You've spilt your beer all over yourself, you bloody drongo!"

Whinger: An incessant, annoying complainer; to have a whinge is to complain.
Example: "I know it's cold! Stop being such a whinger!"

Tinnies: Cans of domestic beer, usually cheaper than most other available beers.
Example: "Hey Reggie, are you going to come smash some tinnies with us after work?"

Tits on a Bull: A person or thing that is very unhelpful or useless.
Example: "Darren didn't finish cleaning, he's as useless as tits on a bull!"

Dog's Breakfast: untidy; a complete mess.
Example: "Brush your hair, it looks like a dog's breakfast!"

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