Yacht Diggity Dog!

This is a splurge with a purpose.
After one particularly late night spend wading through the waters of Le Bain's jacuzzi, I pulled on my trousers and chose to walk home to my apartment, grabbing a hot dog along the way — the true breakfast of champions. It was no Carrie Bradshaw moment by any stretch of the imagination, but what other weird and wonderful place in the world could I have done that? 

For many of us, The Standard, High Line has this strange gravitational pull for the most weird and most wonderful times like this. Where else can you see Lizzo perform on the bar, lounge atop Katy Perry’s Moschino hamburger dress, and enjoy a full view of the downtown skyline from the urinal, all in one evening? Where else can you ring your representative in a phone booth, and just a few steps away, enjoy a glass boot-ful of beer? There may be no place like New York, but there is truly no place like The Standard.

But there was that moment in mid-March when the glitz of New York was dimmed, made palpable by empty streets and office spaces seemingly frozen in time. Our full calendars were cleared, and our city went from full-force living to merely surviving, as our first responders and front line workers sprung into action to keep this place humming. Now, we’re ready to bring the Champagne wishes and caviar dreams back, safely. 

Enter The Yacht Dog, a truly absurd creation you won’t find anywhere else in the world, born out of a late night conversation with my pal, Chef Kevin O’Connor. Yours for a cool $75 —or $99 when paired with a miniature bottle of Moët & Chandon Imperial Brut — this classic New York City hot dog comes topped with a lemon & chive aioli and a half oz. of caviar. 

This is a splurge with a purpose. 100% of proceeds from The Yacht Dog will benefit Relief Opportunities for All Restaurants (ROAR). Founded earlier this year by a coterie of the city’s most respected culinary minds —Andrew Carmellini, Tom Colicchio, Danny Meyer, Missy Robbins, Marcus Samuelsson and Adam Saper among them — in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, ROAR is leading the charge in securing the future of New York’s culinary landscape that you and I love so much.  

With that in mind, and if you’re able, I hope you join me in splurging to support these beloved eateries and watering holes. For me, that starts with The Standard, which has always been my home away from home, and a centerstage for the most weird and wonderful times I’ve ever known. 

The Yacht Dog ($75), a collaboration with Zachary Weiss will be available to visitors of The Standard, High Line for both indoor and outdoor dining at The Standard Grill starting Friday, October 2nd. Reserve a table here


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