Todd James Wants to Lure You with His Candy

Photos Chris Mosier

  1. This is Happening
  2. Artist Todd James will be in The Shop at The Standard, High Line today painting his Day-Glo-Schoolhouse-Rock-Playboy-esque images onto our shop window storefront. Later tonight he'll be signing his new book, Yield to Temptation, a catalog of his recent show in Tokyo (June 2012), which Todd describes as "drawings of pirates, military, girls and situations for paintings," which, as it happens, are our top four default topics of conversation when having dinner with family.

  3. What has The Standard commissioned this time?

  4. We do love an artist commission. For this occasion, knowing of Todd's love of all things candy, we had him make us a set of candy sculptures (Papabubble helped) that are approximately 6 inches squared. Each one is unique, inappropriate and delicious. You have to see these warlocks in person to appreciate the cognitive dissonance of subject versus edible substance.

Hello my wizard friend

Todd painting away

Free candy tonight courtesy of the caramel artisans Papabubble

Buy the Book and Limited edition candy sculptures online at

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