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Wolfram and Jacques Play House

Saturday, September 19th, our fav' DFA records eccentric joins Jacques Renault for Let's Play House at Le Bain. We sat down with the Wolf.

LE BAIN: Your latest release on DFA is called 'United 707'. I'm guessing it was produced on a Roland TR-707 drum machine. Do you own a vintage 707 from the 80's?
Almost 10 years ago my friend Danny Wolfers (aka Legowelt, who did a remix on this upcoming DFA record, told me to get a 707 because it's a cheap drum machine and it was used on a lot of Chicago House tracks from the 80's, but I'm such a cheap guy that I just borrowed one and recorded all the sounds.

What TR-707 track comes to your mind right now?
Steve 'Silk' Hurley Jack Your Body is probably one of the earliest, and biggest, 707 Chicago House tracks that comes to my mind right now, but lots of other people, like James 'Jack Rabbit' Martin did some really nice 707 tracks as well!

Wolfram United 707  (DFA Records)

There's a melancholic side to your new record, don't you think?

Somehow it sounds melancholic but if you listen closely until the end you'll discover a few sounds that might cheer you up if you got too depressed! (laughs) When I'm on the dark side, I try to cheer myself up by making a happy song, or just listen to the Star Wars soundtrack by John Williams.

What recent song has cheered you up?
What do you mean? by Justin Bieber.

Are you serious?
I just heard his single and it isn't that bad. I don't think I know any Bieber songs, but I feel like humans don't like the Bieber, so I feel a bit bad for him, since he's just an animal like me, the Wolf.

Jacques Renault feat. the Emperor Machine Touch You (Let's Play House) 

Did you watch the MTV VMAs?

No, I don't watch that. I just saw on Facebook that Kanye is running for President in 2020 which might be interesting. The Kardashian's show will take place in a new house in Washington and we'll see lots of selfies from the Oval Office, but first you guys should dump Trump!

You'll be playing at Le Bain with your old friend Jacques Renault of Let’s Play House. Did you hear Jacques’ brand new album?
I keep listening to it over and over the past months. Jacques send me an early link half a year ago and I love his track with our friends Mark Verbos, Alex Frankel, Luke Jenner and heroes like Emperor Machine! And I just love Jacques! But hey, who doesn't?

Saturday, September 19th, Le Bain presents Let's Play House featuring Wolfram (DFA records) and Jacques Renault. Doors 10pm. The Standard, High Line.

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