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Winyl Presents: Heat-Wave's 6 Must-Hear Records

To celebrate the opening of our beautiful new lobby bar at The Standard, Downtown LA, Standard Sounds presents Winyl, every Wednesday night from 7-10pm. We'll be playing albums the way they were intended to be spun, from start to finish, paired with charcuterie and tastings by Silverlake Wines. 

On Wednesday, Oct. 26th, record-collecting buds Daniel T and Wyatt Potts, also known at Heat-Wave, will man the decks for a chill evening set. They list their six favorite records for us to get us ready. 

Hosted by CC Shefield
Every Wednesday, 7-10pm
The Lobby Lounge at The Standard, Downtown LA
A Tábua De Esmeralda by Jorge Ben
"This is considered by many to be Jorge Ben's masterpiece. This is an essential listen for anyone with an interest in Brazilian music. The album is great from beginning to end, but this is probably my favorite song from it." —Daniel T
Ahmed Fakroun by Ahmed Fakroun
"This is a compilation of the early work of Libyan-born singer Ahmed Fakroun. Though Arabic in language, the sound is heavily influenced by French art rock of the '70s. Another great listen all the way through." —Daniel T
Shakara by Fela and the Africa 70
"Quintessential afrobeat from the godfather of the sound, Fela Kuti. There are only two songs on this album, but they are both long enough to keep you hypnotized for 30 minutes." —Daniel T
Saturday Night Fever by Jivaro
"Jivaro is a mid-'80s bubble gum pop group hailing from South Africa. Highly influenced by American West Coast boogie funk, Jivaro's music is made for the dance floor. The record open with "What Next," a highly synth-textured song with a beautiful harmonized chorus. It's for sure one of my favorite records at the moment." —Wyatt Potts

Selda by Selda
"Selda is somewhat of a holy grail of Turkish Psych LPs. Her hypnotic rifts, powerful vocals, and the use of Turkish instruments to create her own brand of psychedelic rock makes Selda's music some of the most interesting and exciting to listen to." —Wyatt Potts

Aleke by Aleke Kanonu
"Released in 1980 from Nigeria, Aleke Kanonu album entitled Aleke is some classic afrobeat. With extended grooves and vocals that have attitude for days, this record is a certified party starter. "N' Gwode" is the first track on the record. It's a 10-minute mid-tempo funk tune that is filled with everything I love about afrobeat." —Wyatt Potts

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