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Tiny Tennis Invitational with Regular-Sized Jim Courier

The Winners' Circle

Tennis legend Jim Courier was at The Standard, High Line last night, showing off his mini tennis skills on a court set up especially for the event. He was there for Moët & Chandon's first annual Tiny Tennis Invitational kicking off the 2012 US Open. The competition was spirited, if not laid back as the socialite crowd volleyed on the miniaturized court (some in four inch stilettos) recharging in-between sets with bubbly served in giant silver chalices. Model/socialite Olivia Palermo took home the cup. It must have been those ruby slippers that gave her the winning edge :) Check out all the pictures in our gallery.

Bee Shyuan-Chang and Olivia Palermo face off

Tennis legend Jim Courier shows us how it's done.

Some make shift nets made sure the balls didn't go overboard

The victorious Olivia Palermo takes a victory lap with her beau Johanne Huebl

Jim Courier and Ludovic du Plessis

Lots more pictures here

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