The Whitney Breaks Ground

Sketch of The Whitney by Renzo Piano

I like to think that I’m a work of art.  Sometimes, I’ll stand naked on my sprawling terrace trying to recreate the genius that is Michaelangelo’s David, but it never seems to work for one, um, pretty big reason.  Art in all its forms is my drug.  From the paintings of The Masters to the Damien Hirst’s spin art, it’s all genius forms of self-expression, but I digress…

Today, I’m beside myself with the news I’m bringing you.  This Tuesday, The Whitney Museum breaks ground on it’s 200,000 square foot downtown behemoth designed by Renzo Piano.  And what’s best?  It’s right next door to The Standard, New York!  My head is reeling in anticipation.

The meatpacking district is already buzzing with all the events happening from now until Tuesday.  Last night, the museum hosted a dinner on the future site for the city’s most powerful.  On Saturday, we, being the good neighbors that we are, are helping out with The Whitney’s Community Day featuring performances in the plaza of The Standard, New York as well as Kate Gilmore’s projection on our super column.  The Groundbreakers will also be hosting an art party auction preview.

There is just too much going on to fill you all in here, so visit Whitney Groundbreaking for all the information you’ll need from right now through next week.  And make sure to look for me.  I’ll be the one with the shovel digging a big hole in the ground.  


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