The Soul of Duplaix

STANDARD CULTURE: You'll be playing alongside Rich Medina at Le Bain. If you had to pick one record to describe Rich, what would you pick?

VIKTER DUPLAIX: Picking one record to describe Rich Medina would go completely against the depth of his knowledge and repertoire. It's like putting a limit on someone who's made a career of being limitless. Maybe there's a Kenny Dope mega mix out there somewhere that comes close (laughs).

Daniel Crawford feat. Vikter Duplaix The One

You've collaborated with so many great artists through the years: Erykah Badu, Jazzanova, King Britt, Jamiroquai...Is there one collaboration that has a special meaning to you?

They're all uniquely important to my life story. Each artist has a special place that's similar to a blood family member. Each experience plays back like a childhood memory in my mind. I'm fortunate to have too many great memories to call one more special than another.

What do you miss most from the days when you started to get immersed in dance music?

The biggest thing I miss is people dancing. There are still places and cultures that like to move to music. But mostly, clubs have become giant bars where people gather to take pictures. I love sexy/stylish people who don't mind sweating it out. It creates a much more euphoric experience and maximum fun.

Cuebur feat. Vikter Duplaix I See You (Andre Lodemann Remix)

What recent record has really impressed you?

I don't listen to music to be impressed by it. But I greatly appreciated the Disclosure album. Even though it wasn't "new" or cutting edge like Flying Lotus or Pomo, it was very well done. They came in and dominated with a soulful flow right when everybody thought trance-y/pop electronica had a headlock on things. That makes me happy.

You're from Philly but based in Los Angeles. It seems like the club scene has been getting stronger in LA. Do you agree?

The club scene has always been strong. Especially the live music and mainstream club life. If anything, there are so many options that you're sure to miss something you really wanted to do. Most of the great dance parties are event series. My event Kiss-n-Grind, theLIFT, Deep, Rhonda, etc. are all great, unique venue experiences.

And your most romantic thing to do in LA right now?

Wouldn’t it be more fun for you to set me up with a beautiful blind date and have her recap the experience in a different blog post? I think so!

Saturday, September 13, Le Bain presents Rich Medina and Vikter Duplaix. Doors 10pm. The Standard, High Line.

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