Lunch Beers on The Rooftop!

We chat with Jamie Strong, Nate Nelson, and Hanni El Khatib, the three masterminds behind the LA label Innovative Leisure, before they bring their monthly party, Lunch Beers, to The Rooftop, on Friday, May 5th.
THE ROOFTOP: Forbes called your label, Innovative Leisure, “LA’s indie powerhouse,” and it “[doesn’t] adhere to any particular genre.” What would you say is your common denominator?
INNOVATIVE LEISURE: It may be a bit cliché, but we only put out music that we personally enjoy and believe in, whether that's a psych marching band from Northern Thailand to disco influenced house music to futuristic soul to jazz to rock n' roll. We dig it all. Good music is good music, no matter the "popularity" of the genre or artist.
Classixx's "All You're Waiting For"
(Innovative Leisure)

How do you guys translate that spirit into your parties, The Do-over and Lunch Beers?

We like to live a life of leisure, so there always has to be an element of fun.

What’s your favorite lunch beer right now?
The coldest one.

I am sometimes wondering if there is a secret connection between garage rock and the garage music of Larry Levan. What do you think?
Good question. I'm not sure if there's a direct connection sonically, but we enjoy Sylvester's "Over & Over" equally as much as The Monks' "Higgle Dy Piggle Dy," and both genres and scenes probably developed out of the same sweaty warehouse/garage free-for-all mentality.
This week, you’re releasing Harriet Brown’s debut album, Contact. Could you share a trait about Harriet that makes him a typical Innovative Leisure artist?
Incredible live performer. That's something we take great stride in is that all of our artists are amazing live, which is something quite important to us. At end of the day, we're music fans that still enjoy going to shows, and if an artist can capture that magic live, it makes everything else fall into place much easier. There's no smoke and mirrors.
Harriett Brown's "Obsession"
(Innovative Leisure)

You’re proof that today’s LA music scene is in an amazingly creative shape. Do you agree? 
Absolutely. There's something for everyone in LA with so many different scenes and sounds to get lost in. It's quite exciting and ever-evolving with the influx of people constantly moving to LA.

Historically, what's your favorite LA’s music period? 
I think to be a fly on the wall during the heyday of the Sunset Strip days spanning from The Doors all the way to Guns N' Roses would be quite entertaining. Not sure if that's necessarily our favorite music period, but definitely would be an entertaining piece of history to experience. The late 1980s might be the most intriguing musically to know that artists like Jane's Addiction to NWA were all co-existing and launching their careers. 
On Friday, May 5th, The Rooftop and Innovative Leisure present Lunch Beers! 
The Standard, Downtown LA | 2pm-7pm

Lead artwork by Parra

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