Clip of the Week

"The One Percent Blues"

Dark prophet of the demimonde Anthony Haden-Guest is back with another edition of his rhyming news series. As The Beast notes on Creative Time Reports:

"The hugely rich have always been with us, of course, but now it’s … different. When wealth was generated by land, trade and manufacturing, everybody lived in the same world — though some in nicer parts of it than others. But now that dull “real” world has been magicked into a wondrous VIP Room where insiders play games like arbitrage and asset stripping – Hello, Bain! – while trafficking in financial instruments referred to by acronyms, and so arcane that some of their users apparently understand them only dimly ... But, hey, the players say they feel “unloved” — persecuted by grungy taxpayers and snippy regulators? Woe is us! Hence this lament."

You tell 'em, Ant!

"Planet News: The New Reality"

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