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The House of Farris

Le Bain: You started DJing when you were 11. Do you remember what excited you the very first time?
GENE FARRIS: Actually I had lost my father the year before and I was looking for a bit of direction I think. I heard some old kids around the neighborhood DJing disco and Kraftwerk. I went by my friends house across the street who had 'equipment' at that time and played my first record: This Time Baby by Jackie Moore and it pulled me in! And the rest, as they say, is history.

Jacky Moore This Time Baby

Since the early 1990's, you've been a key player on Chicago's House scene. How do you explain the longevity of House music as a genre?
I believe that House Music is evolving constantly, which means it never gets too big or too small but always changing. I truly believe that's why it will never go away.

How do you reboot yourself and stay inspired?
Honestly I stay fresh by keeping up with the current music and I'm constantly inspired by the younger generation and the mistakes of the past generations. That keeps me on my toes and my ears to the future.

Cajmere & Gene Farris Let's Work

You lived in Amsterdam for a while. Do you miss Europe?
I'm actually doing this interview from Amsterdam right now! I'm currently touring Europe as we speak. What I miss the most is the awareness of House music from the common person.

What are your favorite Chicago House lyrics?
"It's House, it's House, it's House, it's House."

Gene Farris Move Your Body

What work of art inspired you lately?
I just visited the Van Gogh Museum today here in Amsterdam and I saw Starry Night Over The Rhone. While looking at it, I wondered how something over 150 years old can still be so interesting to people now. Instantly I almost yelled out loud "I wanna make music like this!" Now that's pure inspiration to go out and do anything you love to do. Don't be afraid.

Friday, December 19th, Le Bain presents Gene Farris (Chicago) and Paul Raffaele. Doors 10pm. The Standard, High Line.

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