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The 10 Albums We Can't Wait to Hear

It's official. 2013 is the year of the comeback. Phoenix, Depeche Mode, Eminem, Justin Timberlake, Daft Punk, Empire of the Sun ... they're all cued up. Here are the ten for which we're especially anxious:


The French Beatles are back with their 5th Studio album. 2009 (When “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix” ruled the world) was a long ass time ago. Phoenix rises this April.


There are rumors that, "What? My name is what?" might release his 8th studio album this year. Prepare to be offended! Yes!


Monsters surely know, Her Ladyship has announced a new record coming this year named after some art project called “ARTPOP”. Pop goes our heart.


The Brit duo is following up their 2010 début "Happiness" with a sophomore album entitled “Exile”. Hits the shelves March 11th.


The empire strikes back, at least we think it will. According to the press from Down Under the duo finished recording their new album the end of last year. Let's hope we get to hear some new tracks very, very soon.


OMG. Rumor has it they're going to release a new masterpiece on 03/13/2013 called “No End”. No end till mid-March more like it.


Another March release ... their 13th studio album ... hey Depeche Mode, dépêchez vous!


“Aaaand record 6 has begun,” twatted the Kings in 2012. 2013 will be the release, but no official title or date has been released as of yet.


JT set a new "radio air play" record with his first single in six years, “Suit & Tie”. No. 1# on the iTunes Charts in 31 countries – 31 effing countries yo. The new album “The 20/20 Experience” has no set release date as of yet, but we presume it's eminent. Listen to the single here


Not to play favorites, but this one is really exciting ... the return of the shy, Swedish electro-pop duo The Knife. Some of us will remember them from the early millennium, which basically paved the way for non-Abba Scandinavian music. Robyn, Oh Land, Icona Pop all fantastic in their own right, but where would they be without The Knife's trailblazing?

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