Standard Collaborator Chris Johanson Shows at MOCA

Artist Chris Johanson has been in The Standard retinue for a number years, helping us out with our matchbooks as well as The Standard, Downtown LA's breadspreads (which you can buy here). This summer, Chris brings his signature kaleidoscope of colors and esoteric captions to the MOCA Pacific Design Center.

Within The River of Time Is My Mind, organized by guest curator Andrew Berardini, features new paintings, sculpture, and found wood site-specific installation. Here's what Chris has to say about the MOCA show, written in a very Chris sort of way:

The exhibit is a found wood installation

Will continue and connect the two floors

The theme is the personal river of life connected to the greater river of life

Found wood painted to look like a river

The wood traverses, is connected throughout the space

Also included in the show are paintings of suns over shapes painted like the ocean

Are the suns setting or rising

Only the viewer really knows

Also included in the space are exterior and interior paintings of homes at night

They are included because nighttime is a very good part of the cycle of a day

Letting everything recede into less importance

Yin energy restorative night replenishing your life and preparing you for death

Also included are what appear to be carelessly made multi colored window paintings (that the continual river installation sometimes intersects)

They are not careless, they are carefully carelessly careful to talk about not worrying about what it means to be alive

There is also a large rectangular cube type shape that the viewer can approach, pick up a ball and place on top of and watch the ball slowly go toward the center of the top of rectangle

Why should anyone do that?

It is an exercise in filling up time with actions

I was told on several occasions that filling up time with activities could make a person feel good

Repetitive activities like painting houses or paintings is good for brain chemistry

For creating serotonin

There will be repetitive round aspects to the art in exhibit

Round energy is real

What you do makes who you are some say

Makes what is some say

I have been pondering a version of some of the elements of this show (piece for quite some time)

All the work I have done in my life formulates to make this happen

Chris Johanson, Being In My Life #1, 2013, acrylic, house, watercolor paint on paper, photo by Brian Forrest

Chris Johanson's new show, Within The River of Time Is My Mind, will be on view at MOCA Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles until September 22, 2013. For details, click here.

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