Miami's New Spa Sensation

The wait is over. The Spa at Miami Beach has officially reopened, better and brighter than ever before.
The Standard Spa, Miami Beach is a place where people come together. 
Of course, we have private rooms for those one-on-one treatments like facials and massages, but the ethos of our spa is a sense of community and interaction that creates an entirely unique wellness experience. 

This sentiment is only heightened and elevated with newly restored features and easy, breezy wayfinding to make your Standard Spa experience stress-free from beginning to end. 

So what’s new? Our massive Turkish Hammam, Eucalyptus Steam Room and Sound Showers have been fully refreshed; we revamped The Sauna to be a cedar-clad cocoon with an eye-shaped window overlooking Biscayne Bay (deep enough to sit in!), and we added in an Ice Room with a delightful sofa designed like a Neopolitan ice cream sandwich. The reception area, treatment rooms and Lori Bell’s official astrology headquarters have been fully renovated, the gym has a fresh new look, there’s a completely new, bright-colored stairwell for direct and easy access, and a lounge with Danish daybeds and water views to post up in before or after you do your thing.

As always, The Standard Spa is a choose-your-own-adventure kind of place. But, we know, it can be overwhelming, So our astute spa director, Dennis, put together a guide for how to best experience all these new spaces. Scroll through below for more images and to read on.

The Hammam

Central to our indoor baths is the hamam. Tiers of heated marble are perfect for lying down to melt tight overworked muscles, light stretching, or even a little nap. Inspired by the hamams of Turkey and Northern Africa, we offer several treatments, including our signature Hamam Rub & Scrub, performed on the heated marble.

The Steam Room
After the Hammam, take a seat in the aromatherapy steam room. It is both hotter and more humid than the hamam, and the steam is infused with eucalyptus to refresh your mind. For a break from the heat, take advantage of the sound shower room or rain shower with head and body jets just outside the steam room.  
The Sauna
Next, check out the Finnish sauna. Constructed of Canadian hemlock, the heat gently releases the natural scent of the wood, subtly connecting you to nature. Lie back and breathe deeply or sit up to enjoy the bay view through the window. The room is the hottest option but with the lowest humidity.
The Ice Room
Yes, it’s cold. In a nod to northern traditions of following a sauna with a cold immersion, take a seat on the comfy sofa, shaped like an ice cream sandwich. A few minutes there should have you ready to get back to the warmer areas.
Pro Tips
  • For maximum relaxation and health benefits, alternate between hot and cold options several times. Doing so stimulates your immune system, relaxes your muscles, flushes your system and promotes better sleep. 
  • After cycling between hot and cool, try soaking in our stainless steel tubs for two, choosing from bath products like detoxifying dead sea salt, herb-infused French marine salts, creamy coconut milk soaks and more.
  • Don’t forget the spa continues outside. Relax in the Roman Waterfall Hot Tub and let the waterfall gentle massage your neck and shoulders. Then, for the outdoor version of the contrast cycle you did inside, take a dip in the Cold Plunge. 
  • To make the most of your spa day, let our team help you plan just the right mix of activities, including yoga or group fitness classes or some solo time on the bay on paddleboard, kayak or Schiller bike. 
  • We’re here for you to guide and curate a spa experience just for you. Ask at the spa reception or front desk and we’ll take care of it. 

New Services
Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation
Ditch the botox, stop the fillers and try acupuncture instead for a natural, healthy “facelift.”  Acupuncture’s gentle use of fine needles, microcurrents, and herbs can achieve dramatic anti-aging results, which work from the inside out. Each person shows age differently. Individual life stories, ailments, joys, and successes are reflected like a canvas on our faces. Why not opt to share these experiences yourself rather than having your face reveal them? Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation can help turn back the aging clock. This practice dates to the 9th Century Chinese Sung Dynasty, where it was used as part of the health and beauty regimen among empresses and royal consorts. Facial acupuncture starts with a constitutional treatment, a 5-element assessment to address underlying imbalances – reducing stress, improving digestion and sleep quality, as well as strengthening your immune system. You get to look beautiful and feel great!  
90 min, $250

The Bachelorette
Sometimes we can all use a little lift, here and there. With this full body experience, we make sure not to miss a spot. We start with a body treatment designed to smooth the skin, oxygenate and tighten while stimulating circulation to tone and brighten. Then on to the face with a lifting treatment sculpting your skin with a magic touch and customized serums and moisture. The end result…a radiant, glowing you from head to toe.
120 min, $380

The Triathlete
You are ready to go but your body is not so sure. Let us help you get back in top form. First, a customized sequence of compressions and stretches to limber the joints and breathe new life into those recalcitrant muscles. Then, a focused foot massage to get ready for those running shoes. Training never felt so good.
120 min, $285

Sea Change
Using yuzu mimosa sea algae wash, you will be gently cleansed and exfoliated. Rich with anti-oxidants, this wash will refresh your mind, purify your body and set your spirit free to roam. The next step is a full body mask with spirulina mud to further nurture your body while your spirit continues its journey. A final rinse and back to earth.
60 min, $190

Sun Kissed
Whether you were a little overly optimistic about your base tan or just fell asleep poolside, too much sun is just too much. This body treatment will ease you on your way to recovery. Exotic Dilo nut oil is combined with soothing aloe and essential oils to soothe and calm. A perfect assist to cool, heal and repair over exposed skin.
30 min $125
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