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Hot Tea with Sonique

Jingle, jingle! Sonique came to town this holiday season and put us all on the naughty list, honey. 

The California showgirl joined us in narcbar for a very festive viewing party of RuPaul's Drag Race Holi-Slay Spectacular, and to debut her first single "Santa Please Come Home" with a stunning live performance. As a Drag Race alum, who competed on the show's second season, Sonique made her return to the runway in this Christmas special with a delectable gingerbread inspired jumpsuit that left us gagging for more. Luckily for us, we got it. 

Before taking the stage, we warmed up with Sonique in Winter Garden at The Standard, East Village to frolic among the trees and dish some piping hot (peppermint) tea. 
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Hi, Sonique! You look so gorgeous and Christmassy.
Thank you! My look is inspired by Ice Princess from Batman. I love her.

We’re so excited to see you tonight on the Drag Race holiday special. It’s been a minute since you’ve been in the Werk Room!
I know! I was nervous at first since it’s been almost ten years since my season. A lot has happened, obviously I transitioned, and I’ve really grown as a showgirl. But once I got there, I had a lot of fun. Plus, me, Jasmine [Masters], Latrice and a couple of the other girls smoked the house down before filming! [Giggles]

I’m sure that felt incredible.
It did. Being the first pair of titties on the [Drag Race] runway! On set we were all clapping and singing “titties on the runway, titties on the runway!” At one point the producers needed Michelle [Visage’s] titty man to come fix me up because I kept popping out.

Loves it! How was it working with so many personalities from different seasons?
Oh, there were some divas on set and it was uncomfortable at moments. Jasmine left and didn’t want to finish filming. That’s why she was absent for so much of the episode. Eureka and Latrice were doing their dance moves, high kicks and being extra, and Jasmine thought it was too much.

Any other tea from behind the scenes?
We had a reading challenge, like the show does in the regular episodes, but I just found out they cut it. A lot of the girls really flopped with that and had no good reads. One person, who shall remain nameless, walked off set. I slayed it.

How do you think the show has evolved since your season?
When I was on for Season 2, they had figured out some stuff from the first season. It was definitely more produced, but still new. I think some of the more recent seasons have followed a formula, things don’t always seem as organic and can be a bit forced. It’s still such an amazing show, though.

This was the first Drag Race holiday special. Now that it’s done, what are your thoughts?
When I found out it was a musical, I was like “eh.” But to be honest, I was like the ugly bitch at prom; I was like “I’m just happy to be here.”


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