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Los Angeles based artist Erin Garcia is what they call a Renaissance man. He has been in multiple bands, notably Brother Reade and now ESP. He's a DJ and produces under the name Bobby Evans. He's also an artist with a penchant for mathematic, meticulously planned compositions focused on the elemental relationships of shape and color. And yes, he's the latest artist to tackle the 6th Street Mural at The Standard, Downtown LA. We sat him down to discuss process, public art and number sequences.

The Standard: Tell us about your design for the 6th Street Mural?

Erin Garcia: This piece is a continuation of my large installations and drawings using minimal elements that I've been working with over the past few months. There are 5 elements repeated using a set color sequence. The title is 4-5-1. It's 4 elements, in 5 colors, using 1 static element. All possible variations using the color sequence of blue, green, yellow, orange, pink are pictured.

What’s important to you about public art? Any public art in Los Angeles that you particularly love?

The idea of public art is really close to me, I love the idea that anyone can share in the experience and that it contributes something beautiful and thoughtful to public space. My favorite part about doing these pieces is seeing everyone interact with and enjoy them.

We're surrounded by public art in Los Angeles, especially downtown. My favorite pieces are the ones that you can walk or drive by several times then one day the ideas of the piece jump out at you. I love finding something visually appealing then slowly understanding the concepts that hold it together. These public pieces blend into our daily life so well that sometimes you believe them to be just part of the landscape.

You’ve had some success in the music world, do you find that your background in music influences the way you approach your art?

I think my music process influenced my drawing early on but recently the way that I've been thinking about drawing and building relationships using minimal elements is influencing my music more. I've never allowed myself to be as minimal in my music production as I currently am in my drawings but now I'm beginning to understand how to transfer these visual concepts into musical ones and that's really giving me the license to create music in a new way.

What’s the best adventure you’ve ever had in your career as an artist?

It might be too early to call it a career since it's all pretty new so, maybe check in on me in another 20 years. I think the entire process so far though has been a "best adventure". I started from a very personal abstract idea and have had the opportunity to explore and grow it into something I'm very proud of and excited about. Each project is still such a new experience.

What’s up next for you?

I'm planning new installations, projects, and shows for the new year, nothing I can announce quite yet, but all very exciting. The best way to keep up to date is on my Instagram: @erindgarcia.

"4-5-1" by Erin Garcia. 40x8ft

4-5-1 by Erin Garcia. 40x8ft

Erin Garcia's installation, 4-5-1, will be on display on the 6th Street Mural at The Standard, Downtown LA through mid-February.

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