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Pride Finds! Support LGBTQIA+ Small Businesses

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At Shop The Standard, we’re always on the lookout for lifestyle visionaries—and you better believe our LGBTQIA+ community never lets us down. For Pride Month, we’re highlighting makers whose products are bursting with fun, style and purpose. 


Founded by Dave Shanfield, Goodparts is an intimacy brand born out of Brooklyn’s queer community. Goodparts draws inspiration from skincare, sports and streetwear aesthetics to create slick products that stir emotional connections. For your next roll in the sheets, give the brand’s Hydrating Organic Lube and Ultra-Smooth Silicone Lube a go—you’re gonna love every healthy, fun, fulfilling minute. (And we’re obsessed with their Everywhere Balm, too!)


“Pride is the thing that comes after self-acceptance. It's the act of fully occupying your existence, celebrating your identity, and knowing that you are worthy of love—love from others, but more importantly, love for yourself.” —Dave Shanfield, Goodparts

Leeway Home

Husbands Sam Dumas and Lyle Maltz founded Leeway Home after bouncing around 13 different shared homes together. From studios to spacious abodes, we know that life! Leeway’s collection of barwaredishes and plates embraces the freedom and flexibility of how we really live. We’re talking timeless designs that pack a punch without making a big fuss. Whatever you’re serving this summer, serve it gorgeously. 



SUAY is a Los Angeles-based vertical sewing and production shop…on a mission. Founder, CEO and Lead Designer Lindsay Rose Medoff created SUAY (it means”beautiful” in Thai) to drive a culture of community and reuse. Each glorious Pride Rainbow Linen Pillow advances SUAY’s deep values…combatting waste, promoting workers’ rights and taking environmental action through upcycling. It’s on point, it’s a legend, it’s an icon and it is the moment.



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