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Shit Robot Returns

Friday March 1st at Le Bain, Let's Play House and FACE join forces to bring back in New York Marcus Lambkin aka Shit Robot. Last time he performed on the 18th floor, we caught the Irish-born DFA artist for a Standard Q&A. Get your Robot Dance ready!

You have been producing music as Shit Robot since 2006. How did you come up with the name?

Marcus: The name came from a joke between myself and James Murphy. James has always mocked my raver background and used to threaten to come hang out in the DJ booth, wearing white gloves and doing a really shit, robot dance. It then developed into a character that we used to imagine would come to all our parties and hang out, but he had no friends. He’s a bit sad.

Shit Robot, Tuff Enuff? (DFA Records)

You’re from Ireland with a history of being a DJ in New York in the early 2000s. Now Germany has been your home for the last seven years. Do you miss New York?

Yeah, I still love New York. I feel more at home here than I do anywhere else. There’s so many great things about New York. It’s hard to pick anything in particular. The food is amazing. I miss that a bit and I really miss the little neighborhoods, just bumping into friends on the street.

Could you let us know your top 3 favorite movies featuring Robots?

Empire Strikes Back, 2001, Aliens.

And who are your favorite robots in music?


AKA JK 2600 2600 (Shit Robot Remix)

Read the full Standard Q&A here.

Friday March 1st, Le Bain presents Let's Play House X Face featuring Shit Robot, Jacques Renault and Eug (San Francisco). Doors 10pm. The Standard, High Line.

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