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Sheik'n'Beik, 'A Beautiful Chaos'

The Standard: As a DJ you define your style as 'Melancholic Romantism'. Could you explain?

Julio: Well, it's almost like that constant yearning for a romance once lost, the moment you hear that melody, it reminds you of a good feeling from the past, without being able to quite put your finger on it. Almost like staring at J.M.W. Turner painting, a beautiful chaos.

If you had to illustrate your style with a book, what book would you pick?

Fifty shades of Grey! Kidding. Probably Rogues, Villains and Eccentrics by Willie Donaldson, because every track is always unique and different from one another.

Julio Sheik'N'Beik

And with a movie?

I would pick The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, I remember that movie giving me nightmares as very young boy, especially the flying death character, but I very much enjoyed that fear, possibly because there's always a light at the end of the tunnel, kind of like my DJ sets.

You are the founder of Sheik'n'Beik, which seems much more than just a New York party. What's your moto at SnB?

Sheik'n'Beik has always been about leaving all your worries behind, having fun and bringing all your friends along, we never have had a door policy and never had any unwanted visitors.. Los amigos de mis amigos so mis amigos.

You do a lots of things in Ibiza. What are your balearic 'heaven and hell' moments?

Hell: Getting cavity searched by the Guardia Civil leaving the nightclub. Heaven in Ibiza: Feeling completely lost at an after-hours, not knowing where you are, or how you got there, surrounded by fun loving criminals… And those memories go with some music. Best Balearic track: Sex Born Poison by Air, just total morning bliss when everything is falling into place harmoniously with nature. Worst Balearic track: Blood Angels by John Starlight, because that track was playing in the car as the Guardia Civil were doing their thing..

Could you share a recent source of inspiration that really stroke you?

Waking up everyday to realize how lucky I am to be alive and healthy, my friends and family are an everyday source of inspiration for me, it's the emotion you get from people when everything around you fall into place.

Saturday March 15, Le Bain presents Sheik'n'Beik featuring Julio, Simone Gatto and Panos. Doors 10pm. The Standard, High Line.

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