Party Patrol

Mirror, Mirror, Who's The Fairest?

We hosted our annual Halloween party at The Top of The Standard with our friends at V Magazine. This year's theme was "Mirror, Mirror, Who's the Fairest?"

So, who was the fairest? Let's find out ...

Fairest angel

Fairest siblings, Vladimir & Julia Restoin-Roitfeld

Certainly the fairest lady, Lady Bunny

Fairest fictional, Queen Kim Bu

OMG, the Queen of Hearts cut off Mike Nouveau's head!

Fairest jock, Stephen Gan

Fairest Cruella

Fairest loincloth

Fairest raven hat, Casey Spooner

Fairly frightening Quin Aluni and Italo Zucchelli

Fairest bride

Fairest platinum and plaid

Fairest couple, Lucy and James Danzinger

Fairest fashion icons

Fairest cheekbones

Fairest kitty cat, Gaia Matisse, fairest skipper, Tiffany Trump

Fairest Skywalker

Fairest bereaved

Fairest historical queen

Fairest magazine

Fairest golden idol with tears of blood

Fairest Disney character with tears of blood, D Squared

Why, perhaps we're all the fairest in the land?

To see the rest of the photos head to the gallery. All photos courtesy of

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