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Lesser-Known Los Angeles Landmarks: From The Dude's Residence to the Church of Scientology

You're sitting at Starbucks on Santa Monica & La Brea sipping a Pumpkin Spiced Latté. Do you remember Eddie Murphy's transvestite bust in '97? Well, friends, it happened on that very corner. But, that was years ago. So sip in peace. Head West on Santa Monica (towards The Standard, Hollywood), take a right onto North Hayworth Avenue and you'll find the home of gossip columnist Sheilah Graham, where F. Scott Fitzgerald died in 1940. There are so many mysterious, sexy, and just plain weird secrets in Los Angeles, so Standard Culture put together its personal panoply for your perusal. So please, peruse.

1. 1443 North Hayworth Avenue The home of British-born gossip columnist Sheilah Graham, where F. Scott Fitzgerald died in 1940

2. 2711 West Sunset Boulevard The Happy Foot/Sad Foot sign brings good or bad tidings depending on which you see

3. Corner of Santa Monica and La Brea Notorious transvestite pick-up spot made famous by Eddie Murphy’s bust

4. 3357 Wilshire Boulevard H.M.S. Bounty, one of LA’s oldest restaurants, with leather booths bearing the names of old-time regulars, like Winston Churchill and William Randolph Hearst

5. 1808 Sepulveda Boulevard Former home of Video Archives, the Manhattan Beach store where Quentin Tarantino got his start in film

6. 609 Venezia Avenue The Dude’s fictional residence in The Big Lebowski

7. 4160 Country Club Drive Ferris Bueller’s fictional “suburban Chicago” house

8. 22 Blue Jay Road Former location of 1970’s cult The Source Family’s Hollywood Hills manse

9. 4751 Fountain Avenue Headquarters of the Church of Scientology

10. 203 Chautaqua Boulevard Original home and studio of Charles and Ray Eames

11. East of Main Street, South of Third Street, West of Alameda Street, and North of Seventh Street Skid Row, setting of the original musical Little Shop of Horrors

12. 633 West Fifth Street Former site of the U.S. Bank Tower, which was destroyed by aliens in 1996, as seen in the documentary Independence Day

13. 13502 Hamburger Lane In-N-Out University

Situated on the East Coast? From Poe’s opium digs to Ru's '80s rental, here's Downtown's lesser-known landmarks.

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