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Wolfram's Hyperselfie

We sat down with our favorite DJ from Vienna before he hacks the New York skyline Saturday, March 5th.
LE BAIN: It's amazing—you are everywhere on the web. We can buy an iWolf, watch some Wolf porn, or vote for you. How did you come up with this idea of détournement, as the Situationists would say? 
WOLFRAM: Look, honestly almost everybody posts selfies nowadays. I post selfies myself, but I felt I needed more. I needed my own porn site, my own presidential campaign, my own Apple homepage, my own news channel, and my own Vice magazine page to be satisfied. That's the selfiest selfie, the [sad] future—right here, right now!            
Your détournement pieces are works of digital art. Do you consider yourself an artist as well as a musician? 
I'm not really aware if it is art or not. I think it's up to others to decide if it's art.

What’s your connection to the Situationist International?

Punk rock.

Who’s your favorite hacker? 
Angelina Jolie in Hackers!

Why not?

What’s the greatest hack you would love to see happen?
Someone hacking one of my hacked pages. 

Did you get any feedback from one of the original websites, like Pornhub? 
No. Unfortunately I didn't get a free membership.

Did the Kenzo team copy your idea for their own website?
Two years ago, my girlfriend won the Chloé fashion award at the Festival de Hyères in France, and the Kenzo team was in the jury. Some of them became my Facebook or Instagram friends and might have been inspired by my ideas! One month after I published my new website, they launched their own site and it looked like my IMDB page but only with Kenzo content. Then, I did my own Kenzo IMDB page of Wolfram! It seems like we have similar bad taste.
Who are your favorite artists with a global vision of their art?
I don't have any favorite artists because I admire too many in many different sectors of art. Somehow I always admire my friends who make art (painters or musicians) more than famous people because I'm more connected to them.

What’s cooking for Wolfram in terms of new music?
I'm cooking a new record on DFA, then I'll announce my final concert at Madison Square Garden before I'll retire for five years. There may be a comeback show at Coachella or something, but whatever happens, I hope it won't taste bad.
Le Bain presents Wolfram (DFA records) and Kaviar Disco's Higgins and Beto Cravioto, hosted by Ruvan
Saturday, March 5th | Doors open at 10pm | The Standard, High Line

Lead photo shot at Le Bain by Neil Aline

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